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Does this seem like Bone cancer, Lymphoma, infection, or....?

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Hello - 

Does this sound like Lymphoma, bone cancer, infection, something else?

39 year old male.  Generally healthy.  Not a hypochondriac, although I can certainly see how people can be given the past couple of months I've been through...

I had a spot on my left forearm about 2 inches up my arm from where my wrist bends that felt like a bone bruise.  (If palm is down it is on the side of my arm up from my thumb) .  Very small spot and it would only occasionally bother me out of the blue for about 2-3 months.  When I tried to feel for it, I couldn't except for one or two occasions.  I also don't recall hitting it.  Some occasional achy bone feeling in that area.    I also have had a couple of nights where I wake up drenched and my sheets are wet, head to toe.  Then, out of the blue, a painless lump developed on the top of my arm in the same spot about 4 weeks ago.    The lump seems as hard and normal skin and is only barely noticable.  I get occational sharp pains in the area and up my arm a bit.  My bloodwrok has come back normal (CBC, Kidney, Liver, Diabetes, etc.).  I was also tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis and inflamation.  All normal.  My doc sent me to an orthopedist, who thought maybe carpal tunnel, and gave me antiinflamatory medication and a brace for 3 weeks.  No changes.  In the three-four weeks since the possible carpal tunnel diagnosis, I have noticed a fullness in my neck that comes and goes, occasional tender spots on my upper arms/armpit,  occasional tender upper chest/shoulder areas, a tender/painful rib and lump on my right side (the pain and lump on my rib comes and goes) and now tenderness in my groin on the right side.  I also get burning pains in my ankles and upper feet and a tightness in my mid-back.  Nothing is constant except the lump on my forearm.  I went back about a week ago for follow-up.  He then did an in-office ultrasound and found a fluid looking growth that goes deep into the space between my Ulna and Radius and wraps around the bone a little.  He studied the ultrasound for what seemed like 5 minutes, then said "I think I want to get an MRI of your forearm, decide what other tests need to be done and go from there".  I had the MRI Thursday morning.  It is now the following Monday afternoon and I haven't received a call.  I'm certainly getting more and more nervous, although my "calm brain" is telling me that if it was serious, they would have called me right away.  

No fevers, occasional times where I can't seem to cool off, no swollen lymph nodes that I know of (but it is hard to tell), a little more tired than normal, normal blood work so far, no weightloss, no loss of appetite, occasional itching but not intense, and again...everything comes and goes, sometimes within seconds.  Thoughts?

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I would put a call in to my doctor first thing tomorrow morning. But, I wouldn't get too worried if I was you.  I recently had an MRI for "groin pain".  I left the facility at 4:10 and they called me 20 minutes later, before I even got home to tell me they had found "something" which turned out to be a pelvic stress fracture. There was concern, because of my history of endometrial cancer, that perhaps cancer had spread to the pelvic bones but a repeat  MRI ruled that out.  I believe if your situation was serious you would have received a call, however, sometimes we patients get "lost in the system".  Good luck to you!


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I called my Doctors office and they hadn't received the results from the hospital yet.  They were going to call and track them down.  It's a brand new office and doctor with privileges at that hospital, so I'm thinking they just got lost due to that.  Hopefully tomorrow!  AND...my bone in my arm is killing me today.  It hurts so bad.



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