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Has anyone had Interlukin 2 (IL-2) treatment at Vanderbilt Cancer Center ?

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Hello everyone,

Has anyone had Interlukin 2 (IL-2) treatment at Vanderbilt Cancer Center in the last few years?  If so would you please share your experience and outcome following treatment? 

I am currently Stage IV RCC with mets to lungs.  Some background info:

10/12  -  Left Kidney, adrenal gland removed.

1/14    -  Thymus gland (1" Tumor) removed, along with lymp node from chest removed and a nodule in Left Lung removed.

6/25    -  PET/CT scan shows 1" tumor in Left Lung and three small 5mm nodules in Right Lung.

My oncologist suggest I try Interlukin2 (IL-2) treatment at Vanderbilt Cancer Center.

I would like to hear from anyone who has undergone this treatment at Vandy and what were your experience with the treatment.

Thank you and God bless you!



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I was posting about IL2 at UVa and a woman was posting about Vandy at the same time

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I had interlikin 2, April 2014 at St Vincent, Indianapolis, Indiana. Was scheduled to have 15 treatments a week then time off and do again so on for several weeks. I was only able to handle 13 treatments and they took me off it due to blood pressure issues. It is a very hard treatment to get through for more than a week or two. Lots of dangerous side effects. Glad I was able to get a week in as it did stop growth for almost a year.  I wish I could have continued them as if you can handle them it does work. 

Now on Votrient. Just got scan yesterday get results next Monday. Nervous.

Stage 4.  Lost right kidney 2006.  Lost 1/3 of left kidney 2012. Pancreas surgery 2013. In both lungs 2014. 

Side effects of Interlukin 2 was turning red, itching, nausea, diarrhea then low BP then high BP. Skin peeled off bottom of feet. Vision loss, blurred vision. Vision has improved but has taken over a year. Teeth hurt, felt loose, got better with time. Fatigue.

Hope this helps.

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