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Anyone familiar with BIRM?

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My mother was recently diagnosed with early stage stomach cancer. The recommended treatment is surgery, but that option is proving difficult because my mother has other health problems that make surgery rather risky. My brother has learned of an herbal concoction called BIRM developed by a doctor in Ecuador that is supposed to aid in building the immune system and specifically fighting the cancer cells. They shy away from calling it a cure, but they say it is a worthy supplement, particularly for chemo/radiation and general health. Has anyone heard of it and/or tried it? My mother might consider it as a supplement, but I don't know how helpful it might be. There are some research studies out there primarily with men with prostate cancer. Whatever assistance someone may have will be welcome. Thank you. 

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I am taking that 1.5 ml twice daily. It has reduced my PSA from 12 to 3.6 in 6 weeks. I would pucrhase and try it for two months

I have no financial interest in this product. I have had prostate cancer for 17 years

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