rare lung cancer as a 19 year old.

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Hi All.

Im new on this site, and im a 19 year old survuivor of just over a year! (yay!!) I was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. It is called an Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor. I was diagnosed February of 2014, and as of then, I was only the 25th resported case in the entire world. Crazy right? It was such a shock to everyone because I had always been very healty and never had been to the hospital before.

I really like listening to other's storys, and getting inspiration from others. What are some of your rare cancer stories?

I love to answer questions about my journey as well. Feel free to post those or sned me a message. Smile


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    Thank you for sharing your

    Thank you for sharing your story. During the course of my 4 yr 9 mo journey with lung cancer, I have met (virtually) a 6 yr old who is on her 4th line of treatment for stage 4 lung cancer.   There is a special study being initiated into understanding the causes of lung cancer in young people.  As you probably already know, the average age of onset for this disease is 70.  Please consider contacting the Bonnie Addario Lung Cancer Foundation at lungcancerfoundation.org.  

    In October of 2010 I was told I had 10-15 months to live.   Both my parents died within a handful of months with their lung cancer diagnosis so I neverER anyone before me who survived this long.   Now through workshops I attend I've met stage 4 survivors who have been around more than 25 years.