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First brain tumor from ionizing radiation(not treatment)

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Its very complicated situation.

Im male in my early 30. I had a head injury at age 8. Nothing serious apart from loss of consciousness for some hours. Later in life I've spent sometimes talking over 8hours on mobile phone with gf, i was only 16. No symptoms of anything, until i started going to load concerts and gigs. I noticed how much weaker and sensitive to dB my eardrum is on a side where i keep my phone. I wasnt aware at that moment it might be a phone. Only up till i started working for construction company where two men operation communicating through industrial walkie talkie. Due to tear and wear i could not hear the signal so i used to put right next to skull under duskmask strap, so it would be there for at least 4hours a day. I noticed swelling in eardrum, but pay and work was going to smoothly that i could think of anything else, than to dedicate myself to hard work. Little did i notice how it was getting worse. At this moment im extremelly sensitive to any electrical devices, especially wi-fi, mobile phones. I had an mri scan. They see a large tumour. I'll be going home to my parents to seek help, but hardest part is that doctors only suggesting Operation and radiation treatments continued with chemo. Tumour is malignant. Its spreading down a neck and already uncomfort in shoulders. Problem is all body tissue becoming very prone to ionizing radiation. Im at a point where i cant spend hours away without grounding my skull with large crystal. All inflamation gradually goes away, and feels healing, i've been doing this for past couple years. Manifesting to live off grid but havent managed yet. Doctors amazed im still fully active. Can anyone suggest anything else? I must have a brain surgery, but i will avoid radiation and any chemo.

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