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Renal cell turned out to be inflammation (Possible?)

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I went in on monday for a partical nephrectomy lower lobe. Surgery was about 3-4 hours. When I woke, I was told that they couldn't identifiy the actual mass (which was on the ultrasound, CT & MRI). They took 2 biopsy's and the pathologist advised it was not cancer, it was inflammation. I then asked about the 2-3 cysts in upper pole and was advised they are not true cysts. They are more like bacteria pockets. I do have kidney stones in upper pole.   My surgeon advised he felt no need to remove any tissues. Then commented, other doctors usually will just take the whole kidney to be certain and over causious.

Has anyone heard of this? Is this really possible? I am greatful to still have my whole kidney but worried about something getting missed. My dr is one of the best in the area. He believes the "mass" was actually inflammation with hard spindling within it. These hard spindles (threads) are what the tests were seeing.  Next step, have stones blasted and lance the pockets in upper pole to remove the bacterial. He believes all problems arose from the stones causing bacteria in kidney. I have been having chronic UTI's for the last couple of years. At least 1 a week.

Feed back is greatly appreciated.



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You sound like one lucky gal. While I am sure the indications were 90 or more % Cancer it is nice to know that that is not a guarantee. Sorry about the partial initiation to find out.




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but that doesn't mean it can't happen.  My son was hospitalized with kidney stones that would not pass...and had to have surgery to remove them.  All the extra tests he then went through showed he had a partial "sponge kidney".  I guess because it looks like a sponge with little holes it it.  I'd never heard of that, either.  He's been on Allopurinol and periodic checkups for the past 15 years and is doing well.

Good luck to you on not having kidney cancer.


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