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I found this story about Psoriasis, and found it very unique. I was not aware one can get Psoriasis in the manner it was from this story: 

"In my late twenties I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. It is a skin condition that creates red dry plaques of thickened skin. At the time I was a single man, and it was very embarrassing since it affected my scalp and elbows primarily. I wasn’t too upset about my elbows being effected since I could cover them up, but my scalp I couldn’t cover which is what bothered me the most.

I asked my doctor why this was happening to me at such a late age. He told me that it can happen to anyone (although uncommon), but there are things that people do that increase their chances of getting psoriasis, such as smoking. I have been smoking since I was 15 years old, and as a result that increased my chances of getting psoriasis by 40%. Immediately after I found out about my psoriasis and how my smoking most likely added to my condition - I quit smoking.

Throughout my smoking period, I never imagine that something would actually happen to me until I got a lot older, and I assumed it potentially could be lounge cancer, but I was wrong, and now I have to suffer the consequences.

Psoriasis is not curable at the moment, but there is medication that can control my condition. 


Source: Link

Personally, as a smoker I found this story very surprising and alarming. What are your thoughts?

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