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2 years ago

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two years ago today, my husband came home from a visit with his GP; after a year of complaining of pain in his hip, he had finally demanded an MRI for what he thought might be a hip replacement.

he simply said "so, it seems I have a mass on my right kidney and tumors in my spine"; to say the world flipped is an understatement .We had an appointment with a designer that was going to redo our closets and it was too late to cancel so we went through it in a fog.

He had an appointment with an oncologist the following morning to confirm the diagnosis. That is when he was told that he had, at most a year but perhaps not live through Christmas. He had asked me not to go to the visit but his little sister didn't take his suggestion and drove 2 hours on her wedding anniversary just to be in the waiting room.

My husband was set up for appointments with different specialists but was not able to see anyone until after the 4th of July holiday.


Posts: 482
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the post cut me off.

today, he is doing well; he's had a nephrectomy and many treatments with cyber radiation. His oncologist is cautiously optimistic and tells us that although kidney cancer is unpredictable , it is likely to stay in the bones. His radiation/oncologist thinks he is a great responder to radiation.

I want those who might be new to this to know that stage 4 cancer is not cureable but it is treatable .

The fact that he is playing tennis, riding his motorcycle, working on an olive orchard, doing construction projects on our home, taking trips (including an upcoming camping trip with a buddy in Alaska and that we're planning a trip to Istanbul in the Fall is mind-blowing.

we have been blessed with 3 grandchildren in the last 2 years and the oldest can now call us and ask for her "papa", followed by "come here" and life is precious 

this forum has been my mainstay and I want to thank all of you


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You and your husband are an ibspiration to this group.



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This is amazing! All the best to you and your husband, wish your grandchildren to have their grandpa around for many years!

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Wonderful post! Wishing you both many more happy years with your grandchildren :)

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Similar story, but 9 years ago.  An ultrasound ordered for gall bladder showed mass(s) in kidney and mass(s) in liver.

I've gotten over the guilty feeling of having survived this long (had 2 recurrences requiring surgery); and post to let others know they should keep on trying. 

Our local Cancer Survivor's Support Group discussed that the Relay for Life event should also focus on the hope that can be offered to others-for treatment, for funding, for survival, etc.

Have Hope.


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Congratulations, and wish you and your hubby many more happy and healthy years together.  thanks for bringing hope to us.



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Congratulations!  I'm happy for you and your husband that he has been able to return to an active lifestyle.  Our stories are quite similar, but my husband wasn't able to return to the things he once enjoyed.  Life changed, but we keep up the fight.  

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Sarah, my dear, if anyone can, then I think I can understand everything you say. Currently i'm exhausted from June. I think I need a couple weeks off. Except I'll golf, and take my bike out. LOL. Sarah, I always like the way you think.  Your husband is a lucky man. Say hello to him from me. FLY.

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You have been such a great caregiver to your husband. And to hear about the battles and successes is very inspirational. Keep up the good work!




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Thanks for sharing your story.  I too am a caregiver.  My husband has stage 4 kidney cancer too.  It helps to hear your story.

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