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Medical oncologist questions

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Hello kidney Angels,

next week I am going to see a medical oncologist who specializes in kidney cancers. He is completely outside of my surgeon and hospital. I wanted to get another view on my situation. I am stage 3 chromophobe renal cell carcinoma. I would love to have an idea of the questions and information I should be gathering from this doctor.  What questions do you think I should ask? I'll be sending over all my records to him so he's in the know before my appointment. your thoughts and questions would mean so much to me. I know you all know. I want to leave this appointment having fulfilled all my questions. I just am overwhelmed with where to start.

Thank you



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My husband was Stage T3A. I think it depends on how much information you really feel you need. I'm a obsessed so I would have a lot of questions. I pray for never needing this information. But here are some ideas:


#1. What does it mean for chromophobe to be "indolent" or "slow growing" and does that specifically refer to the ORIGINAL tumor only or also to when/if the disease develops metastatic to distant locations. 


#2: What is the current, prevailing research saying about treatment for metastic chromophobe cancer with existing drugs? 


#3: What is the current view on immunotherapy treatment for chromophobe cancers that spread?


I'd love to hear what you find out. 

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I recently had my Left Kidney removed due to Renal Cell  and I had a Cystoscopy, Ureteroscopy which answered some of the questions below and some of the questions you may want to ask are:


Has it spread anywhere or is it confined to the Meat of the Kidney?

a) is only the Kidney affected?


Will a Biopsy need to be done?


Do I need to do Chemo before any Surgery is needed?


Are there non invasive options for this kind of surgery?


These are just some of the questions I asked. Good Luck with your appointment and I will keep you on my prayers.



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