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All Done - Thanks for the Support the last 78 Days

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the support that I received on this site as I turned here when I was diagnosed 78 days ago.  What a LONG 78 days!!!!

I had my surgery last Wednesday, the 24th and came home on Friday.  I had a robotic partial (only removed 3% of kidney) and other than some tenderness I do not have any pain, have been up and around with kids.  I live in California and the weather has been awesome so I have been out for several walks, etc.  I have a lot of energy and all recovery has been great. The surgery seems to be a very small bump in the road.  For new comers I hope this helps you.  

I already received my pathology.  I HAD RCC, 1.2 cm mass, stage 1 grade 2.  I am at UCSF where I have had SEVERAL drs tell me that my prognosis is great and put this behind me.  I am going to do just that.  

I did want you to know that when I first posted and asked for support I was scared to death.  Several times over the last 78 days I read and reread your comments to me and they helped me get through the waiting and gave me hope that this cancer is not as scary as you read about. It can be of course, but hearing from people that personally have gone through it or are going through it was valuable.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to each person on this site as they need you. I needed you.

Now that I have my head around this I hope to be the same help to others.

I thank God that this is over for me and I am owning that.  Again, thank you so much for all the support.




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Glad to hear your recovery is going so well. But remember, even though you feel good, please do not overdue it, especially with lifting and such. It will come back to bite you so to speak.

I too, do not think about my RCC diagnosis and live life fully again.

May you have much serenity, wellness and continued good health!

Warmly, Jan

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When we told you that you have a good prognosis we meant it. We aim to please. It is so much easier when the little bugger is small and has not grown up yet.




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What an excellent pathology, congratulations! Yes, docs are right, you have all reasons to put it behind you. at the same time it is prudent to continue with regular check-ups, just to be on the safe side. at least ultrasounds every 6 months, this is what some guys here with similar pathology get. This is also what my fiance has, this seemjs to be enough for Stage 1 with low grade. 

But anyway, please do not skip follow up care!

good luck!

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I am glad you found comfort here before going in for your procedure.  I wish I had found this lovely place before my surgery.  I found some other site that scared the living crap out of me.  I remember being in tears, telling my wife that I could not go through with the surgery.  I've said it before, and I will say it again--I laugh at myself now that the whole situation is behind me.   Our tumor sizes and pathology reports are nearly identical.  Congratulations, you sound like you have a terrific attitude about the whole thing.

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Excellent news! Put it behind you, but be sure to go at least in 4 months for new scan and check up.  Great they caught it very early!  <3


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Wonderful news and so glad it's behind you. Now just focus on getting back to your old self :)

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What a great success story! Congratulations, enjoy your life and do take care of yourself!!



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Thank you everyone for the well wishes. They are appreciated. 


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Now you can get on with your life. and may your god go with you.

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