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Advice on fatigue?

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Any good advice for dealing with the chronic fatigue of radiation therapy?

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All exercise is good; every day, if possible

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There is a lot you can do to combat fatigue.  The first thing to recognized is that radiation is a form of poison that has been inflicted on your body and your immune system.  So, therefor, you must try ways to counteract that poison.  And, please realize that the following is only MY OPINION which may be dead wrong and for sure, will be incomplete.  You need to do all your own research about how to find anti-oxidants and supplements that will rebuild your immune system. So, here are a few of my suggestions.

1.  MOST IMPORTANT- keep a daily diary.  Include exercise program, food intake, sleep, apetite, mental state, anything that seems to affect your moment to moment experience.  And, plan ahead.  Know what you want to do and can do and plan for the next day.

2.  EXERCISE- Exercise at this time is important for recovery of mind, spirit and body.  Always do as much as you can, even if it is only walking, but DO IT as often as possible.  YouTube Ron Laura Matrix.  You will find simple exerises that you can do at home with no weight as well as weight training programs.  Join a health club ASAP and hire a personal trainer.  If you have a trainer, you WILL go to work out.  If no trainer, it is easy to stay home.

3.  DRINK WATER - I strongly reccomend Alkaline water.  Drink AT LEAST one gallon a day, and two is better.  Keep water available and near you at all times.  Drink at least one liter of NOT COLD water on arising, and squeeze a bit of lemon juice in it.

4.  CONSULT A NATUROPATH- Find a qualified Dr. and explain your condition.  You will learn lots about detox.  I take Diamaxin, plus untold quantities of herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements.  I take about 20 pills three times a day.  Find sea salt and use. I also use Cell Mineral drops. You need TONS of anti-oxidents.  Consult your alliopathic doctor.

5. REVIEW YOUR DIET - NO meat, sugar, dairy, processed foods, gluten, canned foods, alcohol.  Buy a juicer and make geen juice every day.  Snack on raw veggies.  Buy a good whey Isolate protein supplement for protein. I use lots of it.  I mix it with Almond milk, and add one cup of raw Oatmeal.  That makes one meal for me.  Eat six small meals a day.  

6. MEDITATE - you must remember that the body is a whole, and when part is damaged, all parts suffer.  Learn meditation - ALL forms, both active and passive.  Check the internet and try to find meditation support groups in your area.  Osho has some great meditation techniques.  You can download Osho meditations here for free: http://www.oshorajneesh.com/o.htm


A.  Drink some of the middle part of your urine in the morning when you arise.  First start with a teaspoon of urine in a cup of cold apple juice, and then increase as you grow to love it.

B.Read A Course in Miracles and the Power of Now by Tolle

C.Throw out all your taught and inherited beliefs and start all over, only believing those things which are true FOR YOU.  Believe nothing on faith.  Doubt everything and accept nothing except that which you discover and find true in YOUR experience.  This may give you an important healing rebirth.

D. Spend at least three days in silence.  No TV, Radio, or any distractions.  Do not talk to anyone or have anyone talk with you.  Watch the sun set and the sun rise.  Walk and see nature and trees.  Read the Course or listen to Osho on Youtube, or read Tolle, and the Twelve Pathways of Ken Keyes.

E. Do Dynamic Meditation.  An hour will be too long, so cut it down to 5-5-5-8 minutes.  Do dynamic every morning on arising before breakfast.  This is a difficult meditation, for sure.  I did it for two years, only missing nine days.  It will stop your mind, and the breathing is good for healing.

F. Do a healing meditation - you will find these on YouTube.

     Well, that is enough for now, but I am sure I will add to this as time goes on.

Love, Swami Rakendra

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You got the answers. Rakendra provides the complete list. The only one difficult to accept is to drink one's own urine but this is practiced by some.

I have made a copy of Rakendra's post for a future own use. Thanks Rakendra.


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It is a strange what people think about the urine therapy (and it is used in MANY different ways).  Men often are shocked in disbelief and turned off.  But what REALLY turns a lot of men on is Oral Sex with a woman.  Of course, with oral sex, you are bound to tastea few drops of the urine of the woman, but that thought discourages no one.  Often we are prisoners of the mind, and more often what we think causes more discomfort than what is actually real.

 And, in this regard, I would also like to add self-hypnosis to the list.  You can learn this by investigating on the internet and by finding teachers in your area.  Self hypnosis, like meditation, is a very powerful tool with lots of every day uses.  When you have Pca, you may need to face some heavy pain in the future.  Self hypnosis (along with a few tokes of Mary Jane and some meditation music) has helped thousands cope with not only pain, but also severe depression.  I have often said that getting Pca can have some great benefits to the lives of those who are afflicted.  One of the main benefits is to greatly move the individual to look at other options and make decisions that would NEVER be considered before Pca.  Therefor, the time AFTER you get Pca may be the most valuable time of your life as you open up to new ideas, new ways of being and a new search for the meaning of life and love.  Pca gives you oportunity and time to look at all aspects of life, especially relationships with others and yourself in an entirely new light.  Pca may be a death knell, but it also may be a rebirth.  It is up to you.

 love, Swami Rakendra

Thanks to Vasco, who is the Angel of the Board.

P S.  When considering the amount of time you have left and its importance in your life, I would suggest you read,  "The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macumber" by Hemmingway.  The time you have left is not so important.  How you use that time is.

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...your body removing dead and dying cells from the irradiated area. With PCa that is the groin, specifically the prostate bed and the lymph nodes internal to the pelvic assembly. The radiation raises the oxidant levels in the treated area which stresses all of the living cells there. Cancer cells are messed up and have fewer mitochondria than normal cells. It is the mitochondria's job to deal with and remove oxidants from the cell. If there is more oxidant and less mitochondria the cell has a lesser chance to defend itself and dies from the radiation treatments. (A count of the mitochondria is part of the Gleason staging, the fewer the mitochondria in the PCa cell the higher the Gleason score.)


After the radiation treatments there are many stressed and dying cells in your groin area so your immune system sends a bunch of specialized cells there to clean up and remove dead cells. That stuff is filtered out by your kidneys which puts an added burden on them and your blood stream is loaded with the junk on its way there. The added burden of the cleanup effort and the collaterally damaged normal cells trying to recover is where most of the post EBRT fatigue comes from.


Actual scientific studies have proven that post - PCa treatment recovery is maximal and lasting side effects minimal in men who undertake a relatively strenuous walking program after treatments. Obviously, staying well hydrated, well rested and eating a healthy diet will also contribute to your recovery.


As someone who has actually gone through the EBRT treatments myself, I can personally testify to the importance of that walking program as I put in my 7 miles a day every day. It has been just under 2 years since my EBRT finished and the fatigue has backed way off, so hang in there and it will get better.


Drinking ones urine is part of Indian culture, though not generally practiced by non - religious Indian persons or persons from other cultures. I recall that you can run that fluid through your system several times before it becomes too toxic and you puke it back up instantly. There is no scientifc basis for using that as a weapon against PCa, however.


I suggest using common sense, following a healthy lifestyle and taking up that walking program. The reccommendations I read are to make it a rapid walking program. My radiation oncologist prescribed a 1 hour nap for me every afternoon as well. This to insure I got a solid 8 hours of sleep in every 24 hours. She said this was very important to assist me in healing and to combat the fatigue. This program has worked out well for me.

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