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chemo #22 finished

Lou Ann M
Lou Ann M Member Posts: 996

Chemo # 22 (5th Doxil) finished today.  This was the day we were to see how the Doxil was working.  Had a Ct Scan and Echocardiogram last weeek   So we went over the results.  The Echo was good, my heart was still pumping.  The cardoligist did not mention the the metistatic evidence he mentioned last time , so the doctor was going to call him and ask. The Ct scan showed that the known tumors were all shrinking somewhat and there maybe a new one in my chest.  More shrinking than growing so good news.  I was hoping for a little more, but this is still good news.  We will continue with the Doxil for today's and two more if my feet hold out.  I have Nueropathy from the Taxal and now the lovely hand and food syndrome from the Doxil.  All in all I have much to be thankful for.  I am getting great care, I have a wonderful supportive husband, Great family and friends,  I am blessed. God loves me.  Lou Ann


  • AWK
    AWK Member Posts: 364
    So glad you are stable!

    I have been wondering about you and hoping you were holding your own.  It seems like you are!  We are still working on the next thing for me - I am waitlisted now for two clinical trials and my doctor is working on the backup plan.  I haven't had a treatment since 4/21 as we were washing out my system and the consensus is the max they think I should go untreated is about eight weeks.  So we will see!  i had a wrench thrown in the plans today, we found that I have gallstones and will be having surgery to remove them and the gall bladder probably next week.  I also have to have a stent inserted in my ureter so I am hoping they will do it all at the same time.  

    Having said all of that I am still working a full load and riding my horses.  Living fully and like you, I have a great husband and support system. 

    Cheers to us and all of the ladies in long term treatment plans.  Stay strong and keeping you all in my prayers.  Anne

  • hermothersdaughter
    hermothersdaughter Member Posts: 29
    very glad doxil is working

    very glad doxil is working for you.