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White count going down, down, down 11 months after chemo and raditation treatments

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Hi Everyone,

I had very heavy doses of taxol and carboplaten plus 28 external and 2 internal radiations following a complete hysterectomy.

I went to my primary who sees the trend, and I am now well below the window of normal WBC.

I spoke with my oncologist, and he said he thinks it is probably just the effect of the treatment, even this far out.

I'm getting another blood test next week.


Has this happened to anyone or to anyone you know?


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Lou Ann M
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I had a lot of trouble with my blood counts, all of them , For quite awhile,  even during the two periods of remission.  Everything was fine until I had the radiatioin.  I also had 28 external and 2 internal.. We had to postpone and lower doses several times because of boold count problems.  They were so bad that the doctor did not give me #11 .  I had the Nuelasta shot every time and that did not even help by #11 That was  year ago  I am now on Doxil and even though everything is still low . The white and platelets are now low normal.  red is still below normal  the dr. explained that much of our blood is made in the big bones of the pelvis where must of my radiation is aimed.  The radiaion also caused radationcolonities for awhile.  such a joy, that has gone away now,.  best wishes and prayers,  Lou Ann

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I had some digestive effects from both the chemo and the radiation.

They didn't check my blood during the radition.  My neutaphils really dropped during chemo -- to .2, but the oncologist didn't give me Neulasta.  I just sort of isolated myself.  My white count is out of bounds, but the platelets, etc. or okay.


Yes, the joy of this treatment!! ugh  Thanks for the response!

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Chemo and radiation side effects can be very long lasting.  I started this journey back in 2012 and I'm still careful about infection and I never leave home without my sanitizer.  I also started having recurrent UTIs, was checked out, and they say my immune system is just shot from the treatments.  So now I'm on a maintenance antibiotic for that.  They can't tell me when my system will get better just that sometimes it takes a long while. Hang in there!

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Thanks.  I just went for another blood draw and it's bouncing up again.

I hope your immune system levels out.

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Thus, My concerns, worries and indecisions. I do hope surgery can be done on my mets without chemo,can't  be done if new mets,  I've been beating this dead horse since I joined the board, A lot to think about,nuff said.

I wish you all speedy recovery from all of that.


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