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3 Years and still Clear

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It has been a while since I have posted on here.  Occasionally I would check in and see if there was something I could chime in on.  Either fortunately or unfortunately I have been extremely busy!  REWIND....  I was diagnosed November 2011 with Stage IV colon cancer.  9 surgeries in 2012, with the most serious being liver resection, 70% of the liver removed.  FAST FORWARD...  as of yesterday I had a 6 month follow up, lab work, CT scan and visit to the oncologist.  Lab work was excellent.  CT Scan was clear. Oncologist was pleased.  Next checkup is December.

June 28th is my 3 year anniversary from the liver resection..  and is when I have been informed is my official cancer clear anniversary date.  I feel great, no issues, no pain, no side effects,  

I hate to boast about my feeling good, no issues... but hell..  what I went through was tough enough that I was not sure what my life would be like afterwards.  I still talk to people about my ordeal, tell them everything.  All the gory details, issues, surgeries etc.  The more info the better I figure.  I have had so many friends ask, so I figure if I can help them out with the answers and get them in to check things out before to late... all the better!

I have passed along info to others here, but not as of late.  Life is going strong for me, been busy with so many activities with my new wife and her children.  Never would have imagined to be like this after hearing the word cancer from my doctor.


One last thing, it is great going to the Oncologist and his office.  When I first met him December 2011 he was very monotone, no emotions.  Just straight to the facts.  He lightened up as I was progressing through the system.  Yesterday... he comes bouncing into the exam room, big smile on his face, happy to see me..  no gloom, all happy excited tail wagging..  Asked the nurse about her outgoing emotions.. she said that it is not very often that we have clients come in here doing well, or anything close to me.  It is a great sight to see how well someone has recovered from the hell you went through!  I think that is a good thing!  I take that with me everywhere I go and try to be helpful for other colon cancer patients...  especially Stage IV as I am living proof that you CAN get through this!

If you have any questions, want some info of what I went through... let me know.  I will be more than happy to share my history and try to get you some first hand info. PM me might be better!

Take care all!


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That is totally fabulous!!   You have been through so much.  You give great hope to those fighting right now.   Thanks for posting!



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What a wonderful post.

Please don't ever feel that you 'hate to boast'; we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear the success stories. We expect them of course, from stage I II & III, but to hear that you are Stage IV and doing so well.... well, that is music to our ears. 

It is good to share you stroy with others. People need to know that Cancer, even advanced Cancer can be beat and you are living proof. 

May you enjoy your life, your wife and children for many, many moons. 

Oh, and I have a similar story about my Oncologist. He is Indian, and those first few visits he had a hard time adressing me, a woman, so he would talk to my husband. Well, I put a stop to that on the second visit, but then he would talk to me with his eyes closed.  Now, almost three years later, I get a hug from him when I leave his office. Its a good sign, you know, it means they feel comfortable enough with your prognosis, that they can 'get close'. 

Thank you again for your post. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Scott! I'm stage IV too and I love hearing the success stories, thanks for the hope and inspiration. I'm going to follow in your footsteps!


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I'm stage IV too.  Love to hear stories like yours.  Thanks for coming back and sharing!

Brenda Bricco
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Hi and congrats!

I'm just curious about the 18 lymph nodes that they took, were they all benign? I'm sorry if you said and I missed it.


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The original 18 lymph nodes they found and took I beleive 8 were benign. On my colonoscopy they removed 4 nodes and they were all benign.  My last colonoscopy in February there were no nodes, and have been given a 2 year follow up!

Thanks for replies, and it is good to know that I can feel good and tell about it.  Much less LIVE and tell about it.  Really feel good, and glad I pushed (or was pushed) hard!

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Just wondering if you mean Polyps and not nodes. 

Polyps are removed during a colonoscopy. Node are removed during a surgery, as they lie outside the colon. 

Regardless of what they are, I'm glad they were benign. May this continue for you forever.

Sue - Trubrit

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I love hearing success stories! My friend put on a fundraiser for me last week and she said lots of people that responded were saying how it was so nice to be fundraising for someone who is doing well instead of dying.

As a side note, I wonder how many people die of side effects and not necessarily the cancer itself. A man here in town just passed from a perforated stomach and had been battling a tumour in his spine. He was doing quite well after the tumour had been removed and then went into the hospital with that.

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Yeah meant polyps.  Thanks for the catch and use of the wrong word!

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We all know how the mind works after chemo.  The other day I told someone I was 25. Really, 25? I'm 56. 

Sue - Trubrit

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So great to read these posts!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!

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