Kidney Cancer to Lung possible R Lung Lobectomy

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Hi Guys,

Normally on the kidney discussion boards but it looks like I have 2 x Kidney Cancer Mets in the right lower lobe of my lung, only small 6mm and 8mm. However, just when I think no problem he can just cut them out my Right HILAR lymph node is 'enlarged' on my next set of scans, although it is inconclusive that the lymph node has grown from my previous scans.

I had my kidney removed 7 months ago and now have these mets to my lungs. I have q. for you lung cancer experts. The surgeon is suggesting that we be aggressive get in there and remove the lymph node and the mets nodules, which means I lose just over half of my right lung, as opposed to a small section of my right lower lobe if he just takes the nodules. 

How restricted will my lifestyle be with 1 and a half lungs. I was a pro sportsman and my lung capacity is good, but how physically restricted would I be. How long to recover etc...the ins and outs from the people who have been there.




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    Tim, through the boards here

    Tim, through the boards here and at, I have become acquainted with survivors who are scuba diving, running 5k and 10ks.  one woman I know, Juanita 'Crossfit Diva' Segura competes in weight lifting.