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Hello I am a 44 yr old women recently diagnosed with LGL my blood work has been getting worse everytime I have it done. Now i am Crit level is low and my white blood cells 19.9. I am always tired and sore body hot flashes that I thought we menopause but now know it comes from LGL. I am at a loss I don't know if there is something I am doing or should be doing. I stay with infections and feeling sick, I am not on medication from the doctor yet. Looking for someone that knows what I am going thru.

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Hi feliciag

I am 74 male, and 2 months back I was told by my oncologist I had T-ceell LGL Lukemia.  You should be seeing an oncologolist/hematologist.  My neutrophil cell count was 200  I'm taking Methotrexate every Friday.  The reccommended dosage is 10mg per week - 5mg in morning and 5mg at night.  Also you need to be taking 1mg of folic acid every day.  UVA Cancer Center in Charlottesville, Va is the best place to get info.  There are 2 types-  T-cell and NK-cell.  I have T-cell.

Like you I am very weak.  Most of the time it is also associated with RA.

It doesn't kill you but it will let you catch something that will.  So stay from sick people.



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After 16 years of sufffering from T-LGL Luekemia, I cured it with IV Ascorbic Acid (IVAA). I have had normal blood counts since the first day I began infusions June 2006. It's the least harmful treatment you can take and I know of one other person who tried it and reported a remission.

Read this research article published in the canadian Medical Association Journal: http://www.cmaj.ca/content/174/7/937.full

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