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Another UPDATE on DJinnie

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JoJo and I have been concerned about hearing from DJinnie. I finally got ahold of her. Sadly, she's not doing well and going into the hospital tomorrow. Seems she her muscle tone is "wasting away", cannot walk without assistance, and now cannot stop vomiting. Says she cannot even get her meds down. DANG!

She also is having terrible tremors, shaking and blackouts. Not sure if its from the Morphine which she hates but she was told it was from the vagus nerve.

Please pray for her or place her in your thoughts she so FEELS collectively OUR care and concern for her. WE can offer her OUR strength to hold her up. Right guys??

Nanosecond, she's going to ask for Fetanyl patches instead of the morphine which she really dislikes and doesn't seem to agree with her at all.

Guys, she sounds like someone who is concerned for her well being and barely able to write. In an earlier email, I had suggested getting a speech to text application to help her communicate. She also has issues with getting the internet she said.

I know we can help pull her through this set back, right?

Close your eyes, visualize her...bring our collective love and light her way~



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I will be praying for her Jan. She is a dear, sweet lady and deserves the best of everything . So sorry to hear of this setback. I think of her a heap but will pray more. Sending love and prayers . Hugs Melissa

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Very sorry to hear. I will think about her... miracle improvements did happen on this board, so let's hope she is one of them. Get better, Djinnie, please...

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So very sad ! Prayers for her and her family I think of her often no one should have to go through this

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She is always in my thoughts and always will be.  She has done so much good.

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Sending lots of love healing hugs and wishes to her.

Lots of love 

Angela xx

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Don't give up.  Don't ever give up.  Keep chopping!  Thinking positive thoughts!!!

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Always in our thoughts and prayers - and forever in our hearts.



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Love to you all as we think positively of D. 

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All my positive energy goes to you DJ. You show tremendous strength. FLY.

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You know we're all rooting for you!

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This news made me so sad, it wasn't the news I expected, but we all send her our positive thoughts and wish her strenght. I'm praying for her. And I believe in miracles, we've seen it before. Some of us have been there and came back to the board



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good thoughts coming from Hawaii to France; DJ is truly (as my dad used to say) a lady.

he used this very infrequently since it was intended as the best compliment.


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After a long absence from this forum, getting "updated" isnt always the most uplifting thing to do. Thoughts and prayers to Djinnie, I hope she can do a Fox-style comeback.


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My thoughts, love, and prayers for DJ and her family. Not what I expected to see either after the positive upswing she had. It's so very sad but she's pulled through before so I'm hoping that getting off the morphine may do it.

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Sending good vibes and prayers from North Carolina.

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DJ....praying very hard for you.  You can get through this.  Many hugs and lots of prayers.  feel better.

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 for this woman.  She sure is a good one on this forum to try to help anyone.  Always concerned about everyone else.  I so miss her being on here and talking to us.  I am praying hard for her that Gods will be done in her life.  I pray for her to have nomore pain, and to feel better.  THis sure saddens  me to hear this today.  My thoughts are certainly with her.  SHe has a heart of Gold!!!!  Bless her heart.  I love this lady!

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     Djinnie is such an incredible lady and I am praying for her to turn this around once again.  She has been such an inspiration to so many on this site, and I am a better person for getting to know her.  Djinnie know that you have so much prayers and love coming your way to help you through this setback!  Sending prayers and strength to you and your family!

                               Love, Brenda

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Jan - Thank you for the update.  I am not on often, but, always look for these updates when I am able to get on.

Sending lots of prayers for Djinnie.



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