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sick of cancer

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hi everyone been awhile i'm 6 months ned now the bad news my wife was diagnosed with stage 2-b pancreatic cancer i just can't take it she was my rock last year, i know i have too but it's hard.

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Oh aggie0053, I am so sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis.  That is certainly kicking your family while you are down.  This damnable disease just keeps on going, spreading its misery everywhere.  I'm sure you know that there are new treatments for pancreatic cancer these days, but you also know that she has a rough road ahead of her.  She is lucky that she has you and you know exactly how she feels, there is nobody better equipped than you to help her through this.  Hopefully, one day soon you will be toasting each other for being NED together.

Good luck to you and her.


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This is awful news.  I am so sorry for your wife and for yourself. How cruel that you should both have to battle this beast. 

It sounds like her cancer was caught early, and I wish her all the best as she heads into treatment. 

I am happy that you are NED. May you and your wife enjoy NED together for many, many years. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I am so very sorry to hear this news ... this disease is just so unfair.

This journey will be a challenge, but you will have each other.  Knowing what she is going through will be of great comfort to both of you. 

I will be keeping you both in prayers. 

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I'm sorry about the wife's diagnosis, it's alot rougher of a road when you're both going through treatments. Twice as many appointments, tests, and scans. Even when you get good news it's hard to celebrate when your wife is dealing with a meaner cancer. Cindy was my rock, seeing me through everything after my cc3b diagnosis in 9/07 up to her diagnosis of a brain tumor on 12/08. We saw each other through surgeries and treatments with a bond beyond marriage, we were two survivers as well, and inseparable. After six and a half years her cancer finally took her, but even with all the hassles, I was gratefull to be able to see her through it all, that I could work and care for her until the end. My last surgery[last Labor Day weekend] was hard because she wasn't there in LA with me, She was in Palm Springs regional dealing with her own issues, but she still could get on the phone and soothe my pain which was bad after pulling my back muscles during surgery/recovery. I wish you both the best outcomes on this doubly tough road your on.

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thank you everyone, my daughter asked me what i wanted for fathers day. I told her i want my wife next year to celebrate ned with me. I know its going to be tough. i have appointments for u of m michigan, cancer center of america in chicago, just sent paper work to johns hopkins baltimore hopefully one of these can get it out of her. again thank you

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This is such devestating news.  My thoughts are with you both as you battle yet another terrible disease with your loved one.  This disease shows no mercy.


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ZThat really sucks about your wife. I am so sorry to hear that.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your family's double whammy. As Cazz said earlier, you can help her through things that a year ago she only knew from the outside. It's your turn to be the rock, and I can tell you from personal experience that it's a little easier than you probably think it is right now.

Keep us informed, please.


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