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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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has anybody tried Oxybutynin to help with incontinence?


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You may find patients' experiences on Oxybutynin in Goggle. Here are some;



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I've been using Oxybutynin in combo w/Flomax and daily 5mg Cialis for 3-4 years.  Can usually sleep through the night w/o getting up, but still have some urgency and frequency issues during the day.  Still carry a pee bottle in my car just in case which I still use on occasion.  Have never bothered to ask for a change in medication because it's not that big a problem.

Don't think my CK treatment had any effect on this either positively or negatively because I had the same symptoms before and after CK treatment. In fact, the urinary urgency and frequency issues were the initial reason why I was referred to a urologist which led to the biopsy that detected my PCa.

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Hi Swingshiftworker,

My incontenience was caused by my surgery and I had it under controlled till I started on hormone pills.

I am ok at night as I get up only once or twice during the night. It is walking around that is bad. I do exercises

For it and maybe it will get better. I go for more tests next week.

Thanks for your input.


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