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Dealing with Dr.s

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For those that don’t know my story.  My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer Advanced and Aggressive.  Today he is taking 1 chemo pill for the rest of his life.  He is considered stable and there are similar cases like his that have done this for 10 years and are still fine. 

This is just a few examples of 1 day at MD Anderson:

Dr A is the expert oncologist.  Dr. B is our regular oncologist.


Example 1

Dr. A requested that I ask Dr. B to do a bone scan and m_r_i of the back and spine  now. Then in 2 months we need an mri of the abdomen pelvis and a cat scan of the chest. He also said if you would please write a prescription for steroids because he has hypersensitivity to the CT drink. As of today dr A wants to try 1 chemo pill  a day. Therefore, to make sure it is still working he requested in 2 months if Dr B would order an mri of the abdomen and pelvis and a cat scan of the chest.  And he rambles it out while I take notes. and he calls things different things like a cat scan is a scan or he just changes up names that he knows but I have no clue. 


Example 2

I asked Dr A to write my FL ma paperwork out. 1

Dr a said ask Dr B. 2

Dr b said ask Dr a 3

Doctor a asked for me fax it.  4  ( I have the confirmation page)

Then a week later couldn't find it and asked me to bring it in. 5

Once there the assistant said it would be day in a week 6

Then before we left Dr. A told me to ask Dr. B 7

I requested it from Dr. B 8

Waiting for his response


Example 3

I just go in and ask the doctor for any prescription that the other doctor says and they take my word for it.  Pain pills, anxiety medicine, whatever.


Yes I've complained but it doesn't do any good and how do you argue with a doctor who is getting good results from treatment? 

After all this we leave with encouragement knowing he is doing great.  The glass is MORE than half full :)


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Wow, sounds like an awful lot of "passing the buck" going on in there.  Personally, if I was getting so much runaround, I'd go to the head of the department and request to be assigned to ONE doctor.  I know they mostly work as a team, but it sounds like each of them are avoiding making a decision and passing it off to the other anyway so pick the more experienced of the two and stick with them.

Also, you should have 100% knowledge of what is happening at all times.  If a term is thrown out that you don't know, don't feel embarrassed about stopping the doctor in their tracks and asking what they mean.  They like to use their little "code words" for everything, but they didn't put anything in me or run any tests without me knowing what they were for and how it would help me.  

Hope that helps.

- Jay

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Thanks for replying Jay. I'm learning a lot but it is exhausting. Being the caregiver is not for the weak. My husband has a great attitude about it . I try and be strong but it is tough.

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