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Had colonoscopy yesterday, still finding the news hard to believe

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I finally had my colonoscopy yesterday scheduled 2 1/2 months ago.  My oncologist wanted me to have it because the tumor was causing intense pain. 

After I started on Irenotecan and Erbitux the very next week the pain went away and in two weeks my CEA went from 224 to 90 and last time it was done, it was 78.

I told my oncologist last week that I had the colonoscopy coming up he wasn't all that eager for it because he knew the chemo was shrinking it, but told me go ahead because I was having bloody stools and he suspects hemorroids.

I am still in shock at the results, my last colonoscopy in August had it at 5" x 1" and growing outside of colon, this colonoscopy showed "normal colon" and "NO sign of cancer".

it's hard to digest that it's gone, I think things are definitely looking up!!!

The gastro doc said I certainly had some painful looking internal hemorroids.  Uh, yes, ow, ow, ow, ow!

Still find it hard to believe it's gone.

Winter Marie


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Awesome!! That is incredible.   thanks for letting us know and enjoy your celebration.

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Wow!!  that's incredible and wonderful news!   I hope that you're doing a happy dance all around the house tonight! 

Hugs (())


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I still have the 7 tumors in liver and 3 in lungs, but the colon one being gone is just huge news, my husband actually thought I should have a second colonoscopy (believe me that got vetoed very quickly by me) because he just can't believe it, he goes to every oncologist appt., hears every thing especially dire stuff and just can't believe it went away.

Winter Marie

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Congrats to you both!  That is just awesome news! Celebrate the day for sure!

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It's so good to read  positive news here.  I'm very happy for you. 

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happy to read the good news. Especially the doc writing 'no cancer!' Enjoy this happy moment, I think it's great!!!


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That is awesome!  Time to celebrate


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That is great news!  Congratulations!  


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You have been through so much and are amazing.  To see this news for you actually bought some tears to my eyes.  So so great.


Edit to Add, Per John's suggestion and my "Doh" about not doing it. Naked dancing Ned is a work in progress. Cool



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This is fabulous news! What a great thing to see first thing today. :D

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Such awesome news, WM!  I'm so, so happy for you!

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Oh, I am SO happy for you!!!!! Thank you for sharing that!!


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Wonderful News Winter!!  I am so happy for you!

Sending love to you,

Bill  xxxooo

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Screw online dancing, jumping for joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great News!  I had similar results with erbitux/ireonotecan shrinking the tumors

So Happy For You!

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What wonderful news. 

Spinny Man, who just expresses how I feel, probably how you feel too 

And of course, ourfriend, Happy Dancing Man   

Wondering what NH's naked dancing man is going to look like. 

I hope this is the start of even more great news for you. 

Sue - Trubrit

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, how wonderful!  Celebrate. Celebrate. Celebrate.  So happy for you...you are such an inspiration.


Fight for my love
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Great news! Chemo do work!

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Im so happy for you. I'm running out to the backyard and dancing nekkid!

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great news, clean colon, congrats. So very happy. I hope you celebrate.

hugs, Marjan

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Great news! Congrats!

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Great news about the tumor.  

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That is awesome news.  I'm glad your doctor is so excellent, but think he needs to go back to school for penmenship Wink.   But who cares after that great report.  Hope you are feeling better.


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That is awesome news. I am very happy for you. I just had a PET Scan yesterday and hoping for the same results. still need to do my 6 month Colonoscpy also. going on my 8th round of chemo this next week. I really want to be done with it!! actually considering if the Scan and CEA level is down (normal) and all looks clear, I may not continue with the last few arent all that necessary Sealed am I being foolish? Why keep poisoning myself with Chemo and feeling sick if I'm good? I feel fine when not on Chemo I still work the weeks that Im not doing it.

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That's the darn unknown, and only you can make that decision.  I have had a few breaks without chemo, but basically have been on chemo for the past five years.  I go every week right now and am admittedly so tired of the side affects (diarhea has been particularly bad these sessions) I can't stop right now because I still at last ct scan had 7 tumors in my liver and a couple or so suspected ones in lungs, but trust me I do so think about how sick and tired I am over the side affects, can't really say that enough, I say it at least once a day at home, yet I know it's keeping me alive, so I go, my quality of life is still good in that I enjoy the heck out of living and being around hubby, children and grandchildren and of course all my animals.

I suggest a serious talk with your oncologist about how you feel and if he really feels you should continue it to be on the safe side, I think it would be good to follow his advice, rather then risk missing something there. Just my thoughts on what I would do.

I don't think of it as poisoning myself with chemo, but try to think of it as life saving fluids that are keeping me here on this earth and still smiling, it makes it easier to do the chemo, by thinking of it in a positive way, which isn't always easy to do.

hope you feel better soon and become NED!

Winter Marie

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I looked where I had written (back first of the month in Feb 2015) that oncologist wanted the colonoscopy to see if it could be cut out, it only took four months for the closest appt.  (June)which I think must be good news that all these people are getting colonoscopies to make sure they don't have cancer ;).

I picked up my last CEA count yesterday which was 72.8, one before was 78.something, before that 90 and started out at 224.  I'm hoping the tumors in liver have shrunk as well, won't know until CT Scan, but want to see if CEA will drop a lot more first. The last drop in CEA wasn't very much, darn it.

BUT still CELEBRATING the colon tumor being gone, that sucker had me in the hospital for at least a week every month last year from the pain. Then when I started on Erbitux and Irenotican, the pain went away, nice how those two chemos worked their magic on it :)!!!!

Thank you all again, for your shared happiness and well wishes and celebrating with me, it's just wonderful.

luv and hugs,

Winter Marie

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Any piece of good news is always welcome, isn't it? How are you doing with the erbitux? My brother had gotten the rash but was able to get it under control with creme and antibiotics. When they discovered that his heart wasn't functioning well, they took him off of all chemo meds but the Irinotecan. We're going today for a CT scan.

I hope your liver and lung tumors shrink and eventually disappear.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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Good news is always welcome here! Very happy for you.

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That is wonderful news!  Liver and Lungs, she's coming for YOU next!

*happy dances*

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Winter Marie - So very happy to hear your good news as well!  I hope any pray that the CT Scan is as miraculous.  Very happy for you.  Traci

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Congratulations!  You deserve some good news!

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Excellent Winter Marie!   So happy it is gone and the pain is gone too!


Brenda Bricco
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That's awesome...Congrats!


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