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Weird Font - Sorry for any confusion

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i don't copy & paste here but I do switch the fonts around. I figured if ACS forum offers several fonts, then they should work. I guess some don't. 

Sorry fof the confusion, and sorry for side tracking tmd's thread. 

I thought at first I was being reprimanded for my lack of communication skills  

I am typing this as I sit beside the creek. It's starting to rain, and my iPad and I are getting wet  

I wish you could hear the rushing water and bird song. It is my medicine  

Sue - Trubrit


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Font smonts, I missed the thread but there are bigger problems in the world than fonts.  lol  Jealous, I'm sitting at a desk looking at at a beige wall.  On an up note, I'm preparing decorations for my son's high school graduation party on Saturday.

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I just read your post, Sue you are one smart cookie, fun, intelligent and witty.  AND you can write Arabic!  lol  I can't write Arabic.  I actually see it in English but that's pretty funny. I guess we all have things that we worry about.  Thanks for always making my day.  I love all the extra happy dancing that has been going on since you joined.

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That is more problematic ;)  

For what it is worth, I was confused also when people mentioned your font issue.  Everything you wrote was fine on my computer and figured I had chemo fog from missing something that everyone else was seeing Cool

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Phew!!  First I thought it was my eyes...they are not great, and I don't get on my PC often because I can't see that far away screen!  Then I thought I had some weird virus on the computer, but couldn't figure out why it was only on your post.  

I would never reprimand you.  I think you are one smart (and tough!) cookie :)

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I thought virus also! Glad all checked out ok!


I know many many people who did not finish traditional school .. and do you know what?  They are some of the most intellegent people I know! They are intuitive, inventive, self sufficiant, excellent workers and several self employed profitable business owners. That takes a lot of knowledge and skill. Don't ever down yourself for being too smart for traditional school .. things were different back then and individual learning styles were not recongnized.  That's all.

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Trubrit's little adventure with fonts yesterday has been pretty amusing. In particular, I chuckled at how her post looked like it was in Arabic to some folks and in English to others. On my screen, it appeared in Greek, except for the subject line.


Trubrit's post, as it appeared in Greek font

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Wow, Sue, you write in three languages, now that's talent!  It's all Greek to me.

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you were one of the first people to welcome me to the board and I've enjoyed reading your posts ever since. Your communication skills are amazing and I bet your grammar is better than mine. This entire funny confusion began with someone asking you, "What language are you speaking?" Well, it's not Arabic, it's the language of a smart and compassionate fellow cancer fighter with a big heart. Thank you for everything you do here and we'd be lost without you!


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you're writing in, I think  you speak eloquently and from the heart.


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