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More Lung surgeries

Tammy Jones
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Joined: Jun 2015

I have had RCC since December 2013.  I have had my left kidney removed and one lung surgery.  They are wanting to do two more to remove more growths.  I feel that I have no guarantees that the surgeries will take it away forever and I'm not sure what to do.  Is there anyone here that has had multiple surgeries?


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Welcome Tammy!

You have come to the right place for your questions. I am sorry that you need more surgery. I had my right kidney removed in December 2013 as well. But I have not yet had any recurrences (fingers crossed!)However there are many members here who have had multiple procedures to remove growths. I am sure they will be chiming in soon.

You are right - there are no guarantees with kidney cancer, that the surgeries will take it away forever. Are you on any medications? Are you under an oncologist's care?

Try not to get discouraged. As one of our member's recently said "I am living with cancer, not dying of cancer" - a good motto to help you through this.




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Welcome, and let's hope there will be no more reccurances!

if I'm not mistaken, several members here had multiple surgeries, Donna Lee, Danbren, maybe others. They are fighting this disease hard and cotinue to  enjoy life. Even need for several surgeries does not get them down. 

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My Doc, not my Oncologist told me that the only predictable thing about RCC is its unpredictability. They took my kidney out May 2013. Grade 4 Stage 4. Recovered from that. Had IL2 recovered from that. Took sutent until that stopped working. Taking Inlyta which I am not finding a bundle of fun. I reckon I've got enough to deal with today without worrying about the future. I reckon youve already had the most dangerous and complicated surgery. These people know what they're doing

Tammy Jones
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Joined: Jun 2015

Thanks for the input.  I have had Ill 2 treatment but I am not on any drugs yet.  Not going for the lung surgeries until my next CT scan and MRI which is the end of July.  Thought it would be best to see if it has progressed.  If not than I may go ahead with the surgeries.


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Is the short variant of an answer.

Now, your doctors have hopefully already told you this but just in case: If the surgical path/metastasectomy is doable it is always the preferred path, and especially when it comes to lung mets. RCC patients undergoing complete metastasectomy, alone or in combination with immunotherapy, has a radically increased long term survival rate compared to other cohorts with the same stage disease receiving medical treatment only.

Google it a bit, theres a ton of studies on this and they all show the same statistics and risk stratification.

Heres one example, though its a bit old study the first page nicely sums up on this issue in general:



Tammy Jones
Posts: 3
Joined: Jun 2015

Thank-you Galrim!  I did read the site that you gave me and it was very informative.  I was told that waiting until the end of July would not matter and have chosen to do so.  I realize that so many people have gone through so much more than I have.  I am just beginning but I intend to fight this with all that is in me.  I will undergo 2 more lung surgeries if my scans show that the tumors are still stable and then I intend to do what ever more it takes to keep me going.


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     I have been fighting kidney cancer since August of 2011.  Since that time I have had my right kidney removed in August of 2011, had a bleed in January of 2013, bottom portion of right lung removed in March of 2013, brain tumor removed in November 2013, and second brain tumor just removed this year on April 16.  I came back to work on May 29 and everything is great!  You can do this, just keep getting up every morning and being thankful that the surgeries can be done!

     I will be praying and wishing for easy surgeries and speedy recoveries! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

                                               Prayers for good health!


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