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DHL Treatments

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Hi all - My dad was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer back in March. At the end of March he received an R-CHOP treatment (when he was diagnosed only with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma ). A few weeks after his original diagnosis we found that he has an added complication of a Double Hit. He was then treated with a 4 day regimen of E-POCH. The treatment ended up hospitalizing him for 2 weeks due to a fever (no WBC) about 5 or so days after completing that treatment session. My question is this:


1) Now that he is over 5 weeks post EPOCH treatment why is he still feeling "bad"?


He seems to have really good days then will go to having a few bad/painful/no so good days. His most recent CT scan showed a 40% reduction of the tumor and all his numbers are responding to treatment. So I am baffled as to his poor physical condition at this point.


He goes in for his third round of treatment (back to R-CHOP) this week.


Thank you so much!


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