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Done with round 6

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I have just finished round 6 of chemo including oxaliplatin up until the beginning of 6th round due to nueropathy that wouldn't subside. Going for a scan and doc says after scan have to decide if I want to take a break or go on matinance chemo

 Has anyone had this experience? I am stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver and lungs. Last scan showed shrinkage of my multiple tumors. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I was supposed to do 12 rounds late last year as mop up chemo after my surgery but only completed eight. I was intending on yelling my onc at my next appt but had a blood clot that just about killed me and didn't make it to that appt. She decided that I wasn't going to have any more treatments anyway. I was classed a stage three due to three lymph nodes that were involved and the tumour had torn the wall of the colon. I had no mets. I don't know if this helps at all.


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So with only doing 8 of the 12 how are you doing? I am going in for my 8th round this next week. I had a PET Scan yesterday, hoping for good news/results next week. Thinking if all is clear and well with the scan and CEA level is good, I dont want to continue. I know every case and individual is differnt. But reading your post actually gives me some hope. Assuming your doing well I hope. Am I foolish to quit early? is it possible that I dont need anynmore of this poision pumped into my bodySealed.

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I started out at I was stage III B. My Oncologist had me scheduled for nine treatments and nine is what I had. 

A tumour appeared in my liver six months after I finished treatment, so I was bumped up to Stage IV and had that tumour taken care of. 

I do not feel any kind of regret over having nine treaments.  I don't play the 'what if' game. It is what it is. 

How many treatments you choose is a like walking a fine line, but you get to walk it with your Oncologist. It really is a decision that has to be made with him/her. Your loved ones get a bit of a say, I guess, and you can read everyones experiences and advice, but it then boils down to what you and you Oncologist decide.

Good luck to you and good luck Tina. Its a life decision to be sure.

Sue - Trubrit 

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