Lymphoma Meningitis

In December 2013 my husband was diagnosed with Diffused Large Blue Cell Lymphoma. In April 2014 he finished is last chemo cycle (R-EPOCH) and was in remission. Unfortunately, he relapsed in April 2015 with DLBCL in his menigies, AKA Lymphoma Meningitis. This is a sub-type cancer that enters into the fluid of the Central Nervous System (CNS). He does not have a tumor, it is only cancer cells floating around the fluid. After one intrathecial injection his systems began clearing up and after his first round of high-dose chemo he no longer had any symptoms. They did a spinal tap to see if the disease was still present and it came back negative. Praise God. Does anyone else have this or know someone who beat it? There is not a lot of information online about it.