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flank pains

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hi! First off I have not been diagnosed with kidney cancer, it does not run in my family and as far as I know it never has.


I am a 24 year old male, healthy, eat healthy, workout regularly ECT and a week


around Jan I had small amount of pain around my left rib, I wrote it off as I usually do because having sickle cell trait I've had random pains my whole life. But come march I have my whole ribcage hurting for about two weeks which then turns into flank pain, both sides lower back and sides. I freak out and go to a quick care where I did a urine test which came back with microscopic blood. I am diagnosed with a uti and put on cipro, while on it I felt sick and the pain got worse, esp if I

was thinking of it as I have anxiety. 3 weeks later I went to a doctor because the pain stayed (pain scale is 3-4/10) and I worried of cancer because Dr.google said I have it. So we did a urine test which came back normal and a week later did blood and another urine test. He then sent me to a place that specalizes in ultrasounds and I got both kidneys and abdominal done. A week later he said bloodwork shows nothing abnormal, wbc & rbc normal, liver normal and that the scans came back normal as they didn't pick up any tumors or stones. He than said he thinks it is deep muscle skeletal from prior lifting and gave me flexiril and a pain med which I don't take cause the pain isn't terrible. So for a good week I had little to no pain, but once I started lifting weights and then thinking of cancer the pain seems like it came back. Should I still be worried even though test say not to? The pain is dull/achy when I wake up and goes away til I start work and then it comes and goes with quick jabs to achy and dull, both sides and low back.

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A 24 year old healthy male having kidney cancer is rare, but not unheard of. While flank pain and blood in the urine may be symptoms of kidney cancer, they are symtoms of many other things as well. If you had Kidney Cancer something would of shown on the ultrasound which would lead to a CT scan to further define it. This is one club which you do not want to join whether willingly or not.



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of course not, I have a family and a 1 year old. I just have health anxiety and it gets the best of me. I figure if they found more blood in my urine and urinalysis was abnormal and same with blood they would of sent me for a ct scan. The ultrasound also showed nothing in or near the kidneys which i should be relieved about too

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