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Meaning of return of thyroid antibodies

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Hi!  I am hoping someone else can give me some insight.  I had a diagnosis of Papillary Thyroid Cancer in 2008.  I had a TT in Oct. 2008.  The cancer had spread outside the capsule down almost to my "strap muscles".  My surgeon said he did not see any suspicious lymph nodes, but he was unable to remove all of the cancer.  I had RAI just before Christmas 2008.  I was told my follow up WBS was negative for any cancer.  I had a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis prior to the cancer diagnosis and had positive antibodies.  They were gone after surgery and RAI.  I found out that I had a lymph node that was seen on U/S since 2009.  It has never grown beyond .6 mm so it is too small to biopsy.  Another lymph node on the other side of my neck was found 3 months ago.  It is also .6 mm.  I have also started showing elevated thyroid antibodies for the past yr.  So, now my Thyroglobulin test is not accurate.  It shows to be < 2.  I have also been under the "let's just watch it" mode.  Is it likely the cancer has returned since I now have antibodies again, and they were gone?  The lymph node has not grown in several yrs. of monitoring.  What do you guys think?  Should I be worried?  thanks!

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