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Lung cancer. Stage 2.

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I am 63 years old. Female and I was healthy before Christmas. I found out I had lung cancer and went through all the tests. I was operated on April  25th/2015. I had a vats  right upper lung lobectony. One third of my lung was removed.  I got through that fine. I went to see the surgeon on May 25th and was told the mass was also on the chest wall. He said he had to scrap the chest wall alot . Lung removed was sent to cancer clinic. I will hear from them if i should have chemo or radiation on the chest wall. I am scared now, because I was told that cancer on the chest wall is not detected with tests. Is there anyone else that may have had this happen to them.

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I see that no one responded to your thread and just wanted to let you know that being scared is the norm On this site.   I can't answer or give advise to you but I did  read your post and I am thinking about you and  wishing you well.   Pem :)

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This is something I had never heard before.  I'm certain that chemo and/or radiation will manage it.  To learn more about my his particular type of spread I would contact the oncologists who monitor the cancergrace.org website.  

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