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Big NEDs

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This has been the month for Dr. appointments and tests. 

#1-last Oct. I had a questionable mammogram and had to return in Nov. for a mammo and US.  They think it was a cyst, but had to go back early this month.  No change, so return for a bi-lateral test in the fall.  Breathe a sigh of relief, as I've had 2 biopsies in previous years.

#2 & 3-Saw my oncologist this afternoon and he had results from the Chest X-ray and abd/pelvic US last week.  No apparent changes; come back for labs and a visit in 4 months.

Bonus #4, sort of- My PC is retiring in July-Darn.  But he ordered every lab test in the book before my appointment so the Dr. taking on his patients will have all the info on me.  Other than my red and white counts being .01 below their normal range and my eGFR at 43, everything else was within normal ranges.

Now if I could get the insurance company to cooperate with filling my prescriptions, I would be really happy.

So for those of you who stress out over tests....it comes with the territory.  But it does get easier with time

Best wishes to all on a Sunny, Oregon Coast day.




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What wonderful news, Donna! Best wishes for continued good results!



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Chronic but stable. Wonderful words. Nice start to a beautiful Oregon summer. I hope you take time to enjoy some of Oregons attractions. A place I'd love to tour on my bike. Wink. You've given me a nice smile. To your continued good health! Cheers! Fly. Fox.

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Copy cat. Same age as me. Same GFR.




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I am so happy to hear this wonderful news. Congrats on all accounts. So happy your doctor is going the extra mile to ensure you new Doc will be ready for you! Big hugs!

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It feels good to read good news before going to bed.  Im happy to hear how it went for you Donna! 

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Just wonderful, very glad to hear!

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Very happy for you. So glad it all went well. Good luck with the insurance company! Hope they cooperate.

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     What great news! May it continue for ever!

                                              Love and prayers for good health!


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I always love hearing stories about NED.  Great news.  Congratulations.

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Happy for you. You deserve good news. Enjoy your time

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Way to go, Donna baby! Love to hear the good news!  Like Fox said, Chronic but stable! Gives a lot of othes hope that they can live beyond RCC!  Hugs and enjoy the summer!

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