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MRI Brain Scan

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Gina 1009
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I have been in remission from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Diffuse B Cell for three years now. Each PET scan comes back normal and clear. Early last June I started to get instances of fatigue off and on, then as time went on it progressed where now it is every day and can get pretty extreme. Because of the symptoms, and the fact that I am in remission for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, my primary doctor sent me to a neurologist in April. She decided to do a brain scan because apparently if there is a problem it does not show up on the PET scan. I had the scan done and it came back with some lesions, very small, but there nonetheless. She wanted to send me immediately to a radiologist oncologist but I took the report to my own oncologist here and had him look at it. He feels there is a very slight possibility it could be lymphoma but I have only the one symptom-extreme fatigue. I have no headaches, seizures, eye problems, or anything else for that matter. At least not yet. The lesions are 6mm, 4x11mm, 5mm, and 10x17mm, this particular one they say "may be due to inflammatory versus metastic polyps. I may add that my last PET scan taken this April was clear as was my blood work. Has anyone else been strong after chemotherapy and then slowly fatigue set in and progressed and all tests came back just fine until this scan?


This has been very disheartening, as I am certain anyone would agree. My primary doctor is sending me to UCLA Medical Center/Neuro Oncology Department tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to see a Neuro/Oncologist to review the scan so they can make a diagnosis, one way or the other. I have been pretty alarmed at the exhaustion level I have had since for over a year or more after chemotherapy I was feel great and very energetic. Then last June it all changed, but slowly. I know UCLA is one of the best hospitals and I am glad that I will be seeing good physicians.


I was wondering if anyone else had this particular problem. I did look at the brain area of the discussion forum and see that some have, but I am in the dark right now.


Thank you for letting me post here. I used to post when first diagnosed and then in remission. Just wanting to share this information. Any comments would be welcome!!



Max Former Hodg...
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I remember your posts and photo from a while back.   I'm sorry developments have lead you back to our discussions.

I have never directly dealt with what you are facing, but have read numerous times that there are no lymph nodes in the brain. 

See first section of attached article, under "Objective."   http://ect.downstate.edu/courseware/histomanual/lymphatic.html

Hence, lymphoma is nigh-impossible in the brain, but lymphatic cancers do (rarely) enter the central nervous system. Whether that can move into the brain, I do not know.  We have two or three regular contributors with CNS-involved lymphomas. Hopefully they will write here.

A lung doctor discoverd nodules on my lungs on a CT two years ago which had not been there previously. He has followed them now for the protocol of two years with no change, so the medical evidence says they are non-cancerous. This is a little analogous to what you are going through, I guess, so just know that nothing is certain yet, and hopefully no cancer is involved.

Wishing you health,


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Unfortunately lymphoma lesions are not always in a lymph node. Though most tumors and lesions are associated with a lymph node, they can form anywhere there is blood. Hopefully Sten will chime in soon as he has had good luck fighting this form of lymphoma. Best of luck.

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I remember you too frrom your picture and still see it at times when I run across old posts.  It is nice to hear from you but sorry it is under these circumstances.  I hope you will get good news.  Your fatigue must be due to something, let's just hope it is something simple and like you said, you are in good hands at UCLA. 

Thinking of you and hoping for the best,


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