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It's been 2 weeks now since I was switch to Inlyta from Sutent. I was given a single fraction of radiation for my bone mets and they increase my morphine from 15mg SR to 60mg SR twice a day....It feels great. The difference is like night and day....Before I was feeling a lot of pain but now all the pain is gone, no diarrhea, no FATIGUE, nothing at all........If I was not diagnose with this, I will say that I dont have any illness...All the pain was gone as if nothing at all is wrong with me....

mCan I conclude that Inlyta is working for me? I guess I will only know after my next ct scan....scanxiety sucks!

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For me I've got mean Diahrea and feel nauseus all the time

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that sounds terrible; am sorry to read that.


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