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Did you have IBS before diagnosis?

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This has probably been addressed before but I'm terrible at searching. How many of you had IBS before you were diagnosed with colon cancer? I'd read years ago that IBS sufferers have a 65% higher chance of getting colon cancer so I'm curious what the percentage is on here.

Also, I was told mine was likely a polyp that went cancerous. How many if you were told that this was how yours probably started?



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Including wood chips, discarded cans and anything else without issue my entire life Cool  (That sort of has changed)  No IBS, though right before the diagnosis (like a month before) had some issues but thought maybe something I ate.  

On the other hand, it looked like I am a breeding ground for polyps.  There were about a dozen.  One was the big bad boy that was malignant (the tumor probably from polyp), a polyp that was considering it (came back as the precancerous type, would have gone shortly) and the rest wwre the standard type.  So that is probably how it started.

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Never officially diagnosed .. but I think yes now that I look back on things.

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but had all the symptoms of IBS-D for years. Haven't been told how it  might have begun, only that it was large and had probably been there awhile.

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IBS-D? I don't know what that is.

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Yes, I had IBS for years before the cancer diagnosis. It has gotten worse since the surgery, too. 




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for many years I suffered, I was told it was IBS, I knew / know where every bathroom is where ever I may roam. It's horrible and even after my operation it still remains a problem. I'm stage III and lost 40 cm of my colon maybe that has something to do with it. If only they had given me much earlier a colonoscopy it might have been detected earlier. So far I've been lucky and I'm NED.


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