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Is it common to have kidney stones

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Is it common to have kidney stones once you have had a nephrectomy?

I have been having a lot of flank pain today and sharp pain either in the centre of my tummy and also towards the groin area. I tried to call the doctor today, but it was a futile attempt. It has worsened, and then it subsides. I really don't want to spend my Friday night at the ER.


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I was never blessed with any Kidney Stones, nut I have seen many on this board being disgnosed in conjunction with Kidney stones.




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Oh no, bummer!! I never had any stones, ever. So sorry.

I cannot blame you for not wanting to go to ER especially on weekend.

But I wouldn't wait with your history get this checked out okay JoJo??

Let us know how you are..

Gentle Hugs, Jan

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I had a kidney stone and visited the ER last April (2014).  I was concerned as I was scheduled for a partial nephrectomy for RCC in June of 2014 and was hoping the kidney stone attack wouldn't push the surgery off any further.  (I waited 1 1/2 years to have the kidney tumor removed as I was undergoing chemo/radiation/surgey and more chemo for colorectal cancer Stage 3).  Never passed the kidney stone and had surgery in June, as scheduled.  The kidney stone reared its ugly head again in Oct and November - AFTER the partal nephrectomy. Finally had the urologist break it up, remove it and put in a stent.  Had 3 stents over the next several months and also spent a week in the hospital with sepsis - yet another long story...  (Doc thinks it might have had to do with ureter shrinking during radiation...).

Anyway - short story long - if you continue to have pain - definitely have it checked out!


I hope you feel better soon.


Keep us posted!



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Get it checked out,but it can't be anything connected to cancer, because you had clear scans very Recently. Hopefully this gives you peace of mind.

hopeyou feel better soon!

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Hey jojo!

I have suffered with kidney stones since I was 18.  I would hate them, but it was due to a stone that we found my cancer early.

If your surgery was recent, they probably would have seen any stones during the many scans you undoubtedly had.  (They count a total of 10 stones in my 1 & 5/8 remaining kidneys.)

But, in a year, you def could have formed some.  The good news with kidney stones is that while painful, they typically aren't life threatening or otherwise debilitating. 


Good luck!




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