My Experience with Brain cancer, from almost no hope to complete remission

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I’d just like to start off by saying I’m here to give my own story of cancer and the success I’ve had with treatment using DCA. Your mileage my vary but don’t overlook DCA as a possible option.

I was first diagnosed with brain cancer on Feb.18th 2012 after an MRI revealed a grade 3 Astrocytoma tumor. My Oncologist’s initial recommendation was surgery for a biopsy and then resection. If this was unsuccessful, then radiation, and then chemo. Immediately after I came to terms with having cancer I started researching alternative treatments that I could try before going down the surgery or chemo roads.

A lot of my research had to do with weighing the pros and cons of traditional and alternative methods. Mainly I was concerned with the side effects of either method and how this would affect my quality of life of my remaining time and if they were worth trying. The most promising alternative that I discovered with the least amount of risk was DCA. Initially when I first started reading about DCA I dismissed it because it almost sounded too good to be true.

I started my treatment after consulting with my doctor and insisting we give this a try before I try anything else. How DCA works is it causes the cancer cells to essentially kill themselves. After the first 2-3 months of treatment I was feeling better and my tumor had stopped growing. 3-6 into treatment my tumor had shrunk a significant amount. Over the period of an 18-month treatment I have seen my cancer shrink and now I am in complete remission! On top of the DCA I am eating a very strict diet so I believe that played a part as well. I think more people should look into using DCA as an alternative to just conventional methods. DCA is also very simple to use; it’s just a powder that you dissolve in water and take once a day.

DCA is not regulated and is not patented therefore it can be manufactured quite cheaply. As a result of this pharmaceutical companies are not interested in the drug. It’s really sad that these corporations are not putting funding into more research and testing of these drugs to get the final push to have them regulated because the profits aren’t there for them.


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    Hi Melissa, 


    I've looked into this more and keep getting mixed results on whether it's a scam or legitimate. Where did you purchase DCA?