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So Sorry It took to long to post! I am great!

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Hi Everyone,

     I am so sorry it took so long to post.  Surgery went well, but was quite different from last brain surgery.  This one was more painful and the seizure meds were the absolute worst! It seems after brain surgery seizure meds are a must, but I can assure you those meds are worse than the surgery! It made me literally run into walls, and we finally convinced my surgeron to please let me come off of them and I now feel almost normal!

   My cyber knife radiation starts on Monday and I will have 3 treatments of those.  I am hoping to return to work on May 26 and just continue getting better and to get back on that NED wagon!   Thanks for all your support and I will try not to stay away so long!

   Djinnie and Fox I am so happy that you both are doing better!


                                                  Love and prayers for good health to us all!


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Well good for hear from you!! Glad this is past you. What was the name of the anti-seizure med if you don't mind me asking? I used to be on them as well. And I too am very sensitive to medications.

Rest up now.

What is the next step for you?

Hugs, Jan

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I'm glad it's past you also. Hope all goes well from here on and you'll soon hear the word we all listen for: NED.

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We do worry you knowSmile

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Brenda, charter member of the Tough Old Broads Club. Knowing that you will do well is like knowing Tuesday follows Monday. I'll bet on it all day long. Love you Brenda! Fox.

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   The name of the seizure med was Kepra (not sure of the spelling) and I was on 500 mg twice a day.  I do not miss those meds Jan and I am so glad to be off of them! 

     I will continue every 3 months scans and hopefully I can stay ned this time.  I have had a total of 4 surgeries and I am really tired of hospitals, but it beats the alternative!

                                               Love, Brenda

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Hi Brenda,

Great hearing from you!  You have been in my thoughts and prayers since your sugery and as each day passed I became more concerned.  I am relieved to hear that you are almost back to normal as if any one of us was ever normal!  Who is to say what normal is anyway!

I hope that you don't return to work too soon before you are fully rested.  But I can relate that when I am away from work due to this nasty RCC I feel better going back to work and keeping busy.

I am so happy that you are doing better each day.

Take good care,




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Great to hear you are feeling better,  we know you will continue to get better and continue to make us better!


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Brenda,It' great to have yiu back, may the remaining medication goes well too. What about face lift???hahaha

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     I have no forehead wrinkles, all gone and it looks like cheeks are a little higher!

                                     Love Brenda

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I was wondering about you, and I am glad to hear the positive news.  You have a great sense of humor and perspective in dealing with a lot of tough stuff.  I'm not sure I could be in the "tough old broads club" as Fox put it.  I would wither.  

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Great to hear! :-)

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Welcome back Brenda.  Very nice to hear from you, and so glad you are doing better.

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Hi Brenda!

I have been thinking about you lots! So glad that you are feeling so much better, and that most of it is behind you. It is amazing that you will be going back to work so soon!

Please don't overdo it, and take it easy for a while. Keep in touch, when you can.

Big hugs


I am alive
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Yes, I, too,  am amazed  that you are going back to work so soon. Good for you! I feel like a slug....your example is gonna make me get off my butt and get cracking! I am so glad you insisted to the doc that you wanted off the problematic meds, and that your situation improved dramatically when you finally got off them. You go girl!

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Keep on keeping on Brenda u give us all inspiration.


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the surgery is over and you are doing better.  My thoughts and prayers are with you .  Hope you heal well and get back to work soon.

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