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Thank You for All the Support

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the support you showed me the day I wrote in stating they had found a mass on my kidney.  As Footstomper said, once you start dealing with your doctors it will be less scary. For a bit, I could not read this site as I was so overwhelmed. Last week,  I finally met with my urologist/oncologist/surgeon.  My mass is 1.3 cm so they offered my three options.  to watch it, burn it or have a partial removal via the robot.  Dr said based on the imaging there is a 25% chance it is a begnin mass and if cancerous my prognosis is still very strong and surgery would be fairly curative.  I opted for surgery as I want to know what the mass is for sure.  Surgery will be June 24th.  I am going on vacation the week before with my family and then ready to tackle this surgery.  I have been praying like crazy  (for me and each of you) which gives me comfort and I am grateful for this site as the first hours when I learned of my mass and no doctors to talk to, you all gave me hope. thank you for taking the time to respond to people that are checking in. It offers hope and encouragement.

Thank you and God Bless.



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Hi Mary,

I will be going for my surgery on June 29th. I was told my mass is between 3-4cm. I just found out in March something was wrong. I too have a urologist/oncologist/surgeon and think this is a great choice for this kind of a situation.

I will you all the best and you will be in my prayers too. I was hoping to have the surgery sooner but the was the first available date. My vacation is June 11 to 14. I was told by the dr to go on my vacation, enjoy myself and not to worry about anything.  I will all work out and be over before I know it.


God Bless and have a great time on your vacation!



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Hi Ruth,

We are in similar boats.  Yes, enjoy your vacation and I will pray for you as well. June 29th will be here sooner than you know it and over sooner than you realize.  I hope you have a speedy recovery.  



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I know, easier said than done.

I had a partial robotic assisted (Da Vinci) nephrectomy last year in July (2014) and was out of the hospital the next day and back to work in 4 weeks. 

I'm usually on the colorectal cancer (CRC) board - as I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer in December 2012.  Kidney mass was found at that time on CT scan - but we "watched" it grow for 1 1/2 years before finally having it removed.  It was RCC - but still quite small on a size scale.  Urologist told me to "wait and see" - as my other cancer was the much bigger issue.  He wanted me to complete the CRC cancer first, if possible. My tumor cooperated and grew pretty slowly. I believe the reoccurance rate for small masses (less than 4 cm) is less than 5%.  So, be encouraged!!

Prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery!  Be sure to keep us posted!



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I'm similar except my mass was discovered while I was on vacation.  Had a bowel obstruction that led me to the emergency room and a CT scan which showed the mass.  My vacation was at the end of April 2014.  My surgery was July 10.  Because I had previous abdominal surgeries and what was deemed a "hostile abdomen", laparascopic/robotic was not an option.  My surgeon did an open partial nephrectomy, and I was walking  6 miles per day 4 days after surgery and back to work in an office job after 3 weeks.  I look at our situation this way---we are lucky our masses were discovered when it was early and they were small.  I feel that somebody was looking out for me causing the bowel obstruction that led to my discovery.  It's funny how things can work out.

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Ruth, Mary, with tumors of your sizes things will be all right even if it turns out to be cancer. Cancer diagnosis will bring stress of course, but recurrence rate is really less than 5%, which is excellent prognosis

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Schecka, most likely you'll have a partial nephrectomy as it's so small. Whether it's lap or open, robotic or not, the surgery is probably going to be the end of it. Wishing you the very best and my prayers are with you and Mary as well. In my case the fear of the surgery and pain afterwards turned out a lot worse than the reality. I was up and walking that evening and out of the hospital after 2 days. And mine was an open surgery. So keep strong and try to keep your fears in check. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much worse your fears were than the surgery itself.

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I guess what I love about this site is that we all need support so we all want to give it. We're like the arches of Hagia Sophia.

I'm glad its so small and good luck.

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