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Still Crazy After all These Years

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I noticed the CSN EC forums didn't seem to indicate that EC can be survived and it is possible to actually do this and have a fairly normal life following the surgery. I also have noticed that even though ablation can now wipe out Barrett's Esophagus cells there really has been no guidelines published to say when an endoscpy should be done? I have also noted that very few sites even mention that there is a DNA test possible that cn tell you if you are a rapid metaboliser of PPI and need more medication.

First of all: I am a 15 year survivor of adenocarcinoma of the Esohpagus, stage 2. I have tried to self place this into the new staging categories but so far I have no idea where I would be categoriezed today?

Second: I had a partial Ivor-Lewis surgery and in December of 2013 was rediagnosed wiith Barrett's Esophagus. I have frequent bouts of aspiration pneumonia, bile reflux and various other issues such as neuropathy, chronic anemia, low electrolyte levels, type 2 diabetes, dumping syndrome and many other issues but I was able to push through these and work at my regular job for 14 years. I am now on disability due to all these side issues but I have had a great life and even if I am basically homebound now due to these issues.

Third: I am fortunate enough to ave a wonderful wife and three great kids to keep life new and interesting enough tha even now I am able to not be concerned with my health because they keep things moving forward.

Fourth and most important: I thank my Lord for this miracle I am living and each day He gives me on this Earth I grateful and I look for some way I can give back to His glory! 

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Amazing! What a great article to read. I bet you could write one heck of a book!


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