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Texas Wedge and GSR Ron

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Joined: Dec 2012

I've been thinking of our dear, departed Texas and GSR Ron all morning.

I wonder how many post a few times and slip off and we don't even know they've left us?

I sure do miss posts from those guys.


I am alive
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Texas Wedge was among the first to reach outto me when I washed ashore here . And Ron's good cheer & biking adventures brought a smile to my face.  Their spirits still live  and infuse this place. 

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For me, Texas Wedge, passed right before I came on this site, but I learned to appreciate him.


But I agree, RonGS took a part of my heart when he left here.. sigh..


RIP and to all we dont even know about, HUGS to their loved ones.. you are missed here!


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Joined: Nov 2013

Yes, i miss them too.

I hesitate to use the search engine, because the list of comments that are retrieved, have names i dont recognize at all.  It makes me wonder where they are.  Especially the stage 4 type of questions.


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I never got to know Texas Wedge. But I sure did get to know Ron. It was a hard blow to us all. Every once in a while an old thread pops up and I catch my breath when I seen Ron's posts - and even when I see Texas Wedge's posts, too!


I often wonder about the short transition posters, as well. I just pray that they have moved on to just enjoy life and leave their kidney cancer worries behind.

Thanks for bringing up the post, Todd. These 2 gentlemen certainly deserve to be remembered and spoken about here.



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Tex was a brilliant man. And a great friend. Ron remained positive and could find the good in anything. Us oldies also became close to Paula. Warm, sincere, and a fighter to the end. Unfortunately the list goes on. And will continue to do so. Each gave it their all. Supporting each of us despite their prognosis. Loved by all. We miss you.

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I think about all three of them often. They were all very kind to me, like so many others here. I know they are missed.



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Like many of you the ones who have passed remain in my thoughts constantly.  I remember Paula and her struggles w/ new meds and then not hearing from her for so long.  I admired her kindness and courage.  Texas Wedge was a teacher to me as he shared his wealth of knowledge.  And dear Ron was the story teller w/ such contagious humor and quick wit. I miss them all deeply and was inspired by each one. 

We are family!


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Joined: Jun 2013

Thanks for reminding us of our trailblazers Todd.  It begs to question if we should have a trailblazers page or something to remjnd us of those who came before us?  Any ideas from you IT types?


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Posts: 1437
Joined: Dec 2012

I was thinking of that too. I like that name. I wonder if we could ask CSN to have a page for us to put links to those profiles? Or something like that...

I'm not sure who we would ask.

In the past we talked about having an FAQ for newbies. That's something else that would be nice to have. I suppose someone would have to keep it up-to-date, and that might be the difficult part.


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Joined: Apr 2013

I like to think that they, like my dear blkjak, are watching over all of you. And hopefully having a drink and some laughs together. 

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Yes, I  miss them dearly and we will never forget them  - each added so much character to CSN.

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Joined: Jun 2013

I checked out shortly after Texas' demise and just checked back in today.

I'm devastated to learn of Ron's passing.



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Didn't "know" TW, just read his words of wisdom. Ron was one of the first people to talk me down from the ledge and I loved his compassion and sense of humor. Watching his video after I learned about his death just broke my heart. Such a kind, warm, and loving person. It would have been a privilege to know him in real life. Rest in peace, both of TW and Ron.

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