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I remain NED, but this time with a caveat.  I do have something growing -- a few items, but it might be an artifact of changing from MRI to CT, said the Dr.  One lymph node has grown over a year from .8 to 1.1 cm; Dr says we won't worry about it until it is bigger, as there are many reasons why it can be 1.1 cm...at 1.5 cm, cancer is likely.  Next scans in Nov.

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Wishing you all the best. Stay strong and vigilent. God Bless!

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Do you get your CT scans with contrast? Just wondering if they would have picked that small a change up without contrast?


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That is great news! I don't know why the doc would go ahead and say that at 1.5 cm it would deifnitey be cancer.  Sometimes our bodies have silent colds and things going on, nodes can get bigger and still not be cancer.  But the amount it grew is such a small amount that maybe the other test sized it wrong, like he says.  I wouldn't worry about it, that is a great result!  

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Great result! Your doc is correct about possible differencies in reading due to changed modalities. We've received a second opinion recently from very experienced radiologist, he explained itthe same way. Hard to compare CT to MRI, etc. So no reason to believe smth is wrong yet

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to hear! Live on brother!

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Will celebrate that and worry about the rest later


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I'm very happy for good news. May it never grows anymore and you remain NED.



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Sounds pretty good, DHS! Hoping it continues to be good news for you!



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