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Great day!

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Scans today. 3 thrombus smaller. Thanks coumadin. 4 nodes smaller. Thanks votrient. Still working on correct thyroid dose but I am walking a couple miles with hills several times a week. I need an MRI in a couple weeks to check spinal canal tumor(s) but they must be improved also because so is my motor function. I don't know how long the good news will last. One thing is for sure. Glad I didn't sell my Harley. I'll be on it any day now . Maybe I should change my name to Timex. "Takes a lickin, and keeps on tickin." It's going to be a great summer. FLY! Fox.

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Fox, in a day full of crappy news at work, reading your great news puts a huge smile on my face.   Your spirit, tenacity andd perseverance reminds me of the speech Jimmy Valvano made at the ESPY's ---“Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”  You are proof that continuing the fight is worth it.  Thank you for the outstanding news. 

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Wow, man, this is great news to hear!  Only shows that these new treatments that are available today are kicking cancer's butt!  Keep on truckin', my friend!

- Jay 

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Energizer Bunny!

You just keep going and going!

Good for you Foxy. Your news sure makes me happy!

Soon you willl be humming "Born to be wild" as you are riding out on your bike!



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Yes, time for some good news for YOU!!

Well deserved..

Hope to see you on your Harley soon~

Hugs, Jan

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I am so happy happy happy for you  I am still praying for you everyday. This is wonderful. So glad you are feeling better. 

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it is spring, it is sunny (at least where I live:-)), and great news are coming in! :-)

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you've come a long way, baby (from your situation 3 months ago); one thing we learned is that it takes a while for the radiation to work and the longer it takes, the better because it means the cancer is slower growing while immediate results means faster dividing cells. 

But, the motorcycle not being sold was a good move; my husband is back to tennis (with minor adjustments to his game). His buddies are great; the accommodate him and follow some of my guidance without letting my husband know.

Great news!


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This is great news and you deserve it Fox, enjoy summer time with your harly.



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Wonderful news! And yes, you better hold on to that Harley. You'll be using it soon :)

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Fox, you just made my Friday!

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:) :)


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Fox -

You just made my day. You are one tough son of a gun. The fact that you are talking about getting on your Harley "any day now" is so awesome following your news of a few months ago. I am happy for you. 

Keep on keepin' on.



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Can you see me Fox?  I am doing the "Happy Dance!"  Go Fox! Go Fox!  That's some good news for me.  I have lost several friends within a couple of weeks time, I needed to hear some good news!  Keep it coming!  ELF!!!

I am alive
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U r my hero. 'nuf said. Other than...........yippee!!!!!

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Good to hear. You must be made of strong stuff

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I don't know if I would have had the fight without everyones love and good wishes. I am not alive just through my effort alone. It takes this whole village to raise this idiot. Until the next hit, I'll be giving it my all. Thank you.

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Your news is the best ever!  I know you will be on that Harley real soon and enjoying the lovely weather in Connecticut!  You are such an inspiration to all and I have developed a much better outlook thanks to you!

I pray that you continue to feel better and keep up the fight.





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Great news Fox ,happy for you,

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Keep on ticking brother

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will think of you everytime I hear a Harley go by all the while hearing "Easy Rider" theme in my head.


such wonderful news

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great news, Fox!

Made my day!

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A true fighter, and a winner!!!

Happy for you!!


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This is such great news!

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Fox,  good to hear you are doing better; I was starting to worry about you!


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This is just the greatest news, I am beyond thrilled! Enjoy your Harley!


God Bless!

Rae Rae

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Phenomenal news Fox. You are a warrior! Good tune also

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Skagway Jack
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Fox,  You the Man!!!  Glad to hear your still kicking *** and taking names.



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Great news...keep up the good fight!

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