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Why not take my ovaries instead of trying to give me painful Zoladex monthly ..I'm 46 .. not going to be needing them

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Why not take my ovaries instead of trying to give me painful Zoladex monthly ..I'm 46 .. not going to be needing them ..  Effects to heart and bones same from shot or ovary removal ... I'll never go back into premenopause at 46 so why torture me with tumor flare and side effects and pain monthly from the shot ?? WHY wont they just take these ovaries out is it $$$

I am post chemo post surgery pre rads and they say new studies show an AI plus ovarian suppression ( via removal or shot of zloadex) works better than TAmoxifen ..... but I dont want anymore shots etc etc WHY wont they take em

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hi your doctor will be the best person to answer. Please have heart to heart with your doctor. Insurance can be an issue. Talk to your gynecologist as well.

Best to you

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There's a lot of medical evidence that a woman's ovaries protect her heart -- even after menopause, when they're no longer serving any other purpose.  Removing them can put a woman at higher risk for heart disease.  

My OB/GYN is dead-set against removing my ovaries for this reason, while my oncologist is a little more on the fence about it -- so there is some room for discussion about the research data on this.  Definitely speak with all your doctors about it.


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I am 47 in October and have agreed with my oncologist to go onto Lentrozol and monitor my menopausal state by blood terms every 3 months. Like you, he thinks the likelihood of my ovaries working again are minimal and this approach is the least invasive but gets me into the more effect AI drug regime 

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I had a total hysterectomy, due to side effects of tamoxofin , after 2 1/2 yrs.  My DR was going to leave my ovaries, I TOLD HIM TO TAKE IT ALL.., since I told him he would NOT get me back in again -if needed surgery in the furture. (I was 51 then)



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I am 59 years old and had a double mastectomy two weeks ago, stage 2 breast cancer with hormone receptors in right breast, two nodes malignant. Cancer successfuly removed, nothing near edges. CT/Bone scans normal. All 87 genetic cancer markers clear. Never had children. In Vitro was unsuccessful. All treatment options presented, including radiation and chemo, include hormone therapy. With so much in our diets acting as fuel for estrogen, and several of my breast cancer survivor friends developing ovarian cancer after the five years of hormone treatment ceased, why not cut to the chase and have my ovaries removed, especially since ovarian cancer can be more difficult to detect? They were not much use when I was trying to have children and now seem to only be taking up space and potentially causing trouble. Will be discussing with oncologists this week, but curious about the experiences of others. To paraphrase from The Clash -- Should they stay or should they go? Any good reason for them to stay?

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