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2nd Colonoscopy in four years a little worried..no alot worried just wondered what led people to go to the dr.

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I have had problems for 6 years with my stomach and digestive system, always kept up on mammos, paps, physicals etc...I have been having pain again a sharper different pain up under my ribs... btw my gallbladder is gone. I started having loose bowels movements which for me is unusual....always for years every once in awhile had blood on my stool ...mentioned dr says its nothing to worry about its hemmorhoids.. I noticed about six months ago this lump l in my right waist area that felt weird. Showed it to my dr who could not feel it. I was horified when I noticed last moth this lump mass thing sems to wrapped around from the front to the back flank area and it pulls when i stretch...I am having pain up in my rectum area with alot of pressure...Has anyone else noticed masses in their side flank area before being diagnosed.... Im hoping it could be adhesions from the seven abdominal surguries I have had but I doubt it...all of my lymph nodes have been swollen for ver a month and havent gone down with antibiotics.. I am usually optomistic but also have painful lumps on my pelvic bones that I just noticed in the last month..too many red flags to brush off...I will just pray and hope for the best... I did have a abdominal ct screen with contrast and a clear chest xray in the last month and my cbc was ok with the exception of a 12.8 calcium level...dr wasnt concerned about that either...



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I am sorry that you are having these awful symptoms but I think you are right to be concerned, and my advice would be for you to get an appointment with a GI Doctor and have a Colonoscopy which it looks like you are about to get, so thats good.  

Indeed, your symptoms seem to be a sign that something is amiss with your body, and we all hope that it is NOT Cancer, but it is definitely worth ruling that out. 

Be sure to visit and let us know how things are going. 

Sue - Trubrit


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What will be will be but I sure will post..... THANK YOU for responding!

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Look up my history and you will see that cancer can be beat.  And age makes no difference.  It may be a bumpy road, but it can be done. In a few weeks it will be 5 years of NED for me.  I will soon be 83 and have met my Great  Grandson!!!  Not bad for a cancer survivor.  Good Luck to you!!

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You need to have someone take your high calcium level seriously, too.  I had Primary Hyperparathyroidism which was found from my slightly elevated calcium levels.  Too much calcium in the blood can be indicative of problems (mine wasn't cancer, and was treated with surgery) but can also cause a propensity to kidney stones.  Also, if it's from Hyperparathyroidism, as mine was, it could mean that your parathyroid is "telling" your bloodstream to pull calcium from your bones.    That needs to be investigated.

Been there, done that.


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My calcium was 12.8 or something like that, I know my cbc counts stated it was high when I mentoned it to my doctor she brushed it off. They did thyroid bloodwork which she said were normal.... it just gets old fighting with a doctor practically begging to get them to believe you.... aside from these digestive isssues, I have always been pretty healthy... I am sure I will get some answers tomorrow

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Please get a colonscopy.  Not all CT scans can detect problems in the colon, especially in the rectum which mine was.  It sounds like you need to be concerned and I'm glad that you are taking a proactive stance but please continue to pursue everything and don't let your doctor dictate the ending or resolve without some answers.  I'm wishing you well on upcoming tests and please continue to let us know how you are doing.


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I had the test today and the dr said everything looks ok...but he did remove a couple of polyps...will post later ...I am just puzzled why my lymph nodes are still inflamed swollen and hurting....All over my body.

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