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I need opinions. Not sure where to get second opinion.

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I have had a very large, hard non moveable occipital  lymphnode since the beginning of Dec. I had a neck CT which showed multiple swollen nodes but my CBC is fine. Doc wants to wait for 3 months and repeat tests. I don't like this plan. I am exhausted, itchy but all over and not extreme and have had trouble with tolerating simply walking to my car. I am 32 mom of 3 who tries to be active. Today I had a chest X-ray after I asked for one. I feel like they are just humor ing me


so where should I start with a second opinion so far this has been only pcp

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Not sure where you live but if there is a Cancer Center of America you can get to try them. I know people who have gone there have been happy with the treatment they get. Otherwise look to see what other hospitals in your area have their own cancer group. 

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Is your doctor an oncologist ?  If not, ask for a referral to one.  It is a reasonable request, and one that a family medicine doc can reasonably refuse.

Clean bloodwork is no proof of no lymphoma, especially when suspicious CT results are in hand. I would go see an oncologist.



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I would not only request a specialist, I would insist.  The best case senario it's nothing and you can rest peacefully.

I was diagnosised one year, one week ago today.  I had one enlarged node under my jaw that was swollen.  I also had one in my chest area that was growing for years.  The countless mammogram came back negative for breast cancer.  They never considered lymphoma.  Nine years of this growing and they never considered what it was.  Nine years this very report was sent to my two other doctors..

I was 48 so I discounted the night sweats (I thought perimenopaus) and extreme fatigue (mother of two, who isn't tired).  For all intense purposes I was incredibly fit (gym rat) ate organic and a vegetarian for thirty years.  The node in my chest I discounted because I was told by the doctors it was nothing.  Regrettably it was something they never considered.  

I was quite content not digging any deeper but one doctor out of many instantly knew.  I just had a CBC, physical and both were great.  long story but after a biopsy.  My world shifted.

Be your own advocate, good luck.


Please don't let my story scare you rather empower you.

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Hi there


just curious, how did that one Doctor know you had Lymphoma? What were your symptoms?

i hate that some Doctors just fob you off and don't look at the whole picture. 

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The best, if not the most convenient, place for a second opinion is at a National Cancer Institute designated cancer center. They are normally research facilities and possess the best and brightest, as well as the latest in clinical trials. You may find the closest one here: http://www.cancer.gov/researchandfunding/extramural/cancercenters

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in my way of seeing things, since you don't know for sure what your problem is, you need a referral to a cancer specialist. If that cancer specialist renders a diagnosis then you need a second opinion from another cancer specialist. Don't delay. Get a referral ASAP.

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Email or call the Oncology Department of the nearest medical school.  They will accept you as a patient even for just a second opinion.  I did that.


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I would ask your PCP for a referral to a hematologist/oncologist. I had an ultrasound that showed one cervical lymph node 1.5cm and lacking a hilum, and the bottom read that pathology could not be excluded so he referred me to a hema/onc at my first appt.

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