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Scan results

Brenda Bricco
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The scan is clear! I don't know why I was so afraid for this one, but I was so anxious about it that I was physically ill.

The doctor said "it looks great" even better than the first one after treatment. He said that he can see where it was, and he believes that what they are seeing  is dead tumor because it's the area is even smaller than the scan three months after treatment. We are six months out since SBRT and it looks good. I hope this brings some hope and excitement to you as it has us (especially you Jeff).

So, four months until next scan... I am getting worse as things get better. I got so worked up before the scan I didn't eat for three days. I think I need to find someone to come with us for these trips, it's seven hours of driving and I think I am no longer the strong one. Maybe having someone come with would take some of the pressure off...my hubby is getting healthy and I am having nervous break downs. Please don't get me wrong... I am thrilled and excited but at the same time I am becoming mentally exhausted. I praise the Lord for the four years of life since his diagnoses... and to be where we are for now; why am I crashing?

God's blessings to you all.



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on your good news.  You are still strong, don't believe anything else.  You may be releasing some of the stress of the last four years  but only for all good reasons. It's ok, I just know you have been awesome for all this time. So happy for you both.

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Hope this continues for your husband.  Do get some help if you can. Talk to us here or get a good friend to talk it out, maybe that will help your stress.  Good luck and congrats!  Traci

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That is great ! Congratulations!!

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so glad to hear about a clean scan. I'm four years NED but like you every time I am a nervous wreck, can't eat and can be in tears. Just anxiety , nothing else.

i think we all have that incommon. So onwards we go, one day at a time.

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That is great news Brenda.

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It is great news for sure.  After all the stress it is natural for some point for it to build up and come out.  Sometimes if the stress is eased a bit, such as a good scan, there can be a release of the drive to get through things as you can relax as you do not need to be quite "on guard" (for lack of a better term) during the process.  That has happened for me numerous times with various things.  And it can even be a little "nothing" that sets it off.  Do not worry about it.  Try to do some things that you enjoy....

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That's good news, it's normal to stress but hang in there.  Alot of his success can be credited to the love and support that surrounds him.

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I have been thinking about what you said. My wife and I have experienced the same kind of breakdown.Dealing with cancer for many years just really wears you out mentally. You get to a point where it is harder to really celebrate over good news and the not so good news is harder to accept.

Fight for my love
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Congrats! Happy for you.

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Congrats!! That is awesome news!! Celebrate a little .. ok .. a lot!!

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My little man has been lonley these past weeks of sadness, and I am happy to bring him out here for your hubby.

I hope you are able to relax now and enjoy the coming months between tests and scans. 

Hugs all around grouphug.

Sue - Trubrit

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So happy to hear good things!  Many happy cyber hugs.



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It is good to see you posting again and to hear that your hubby is doing well. I don't post often, but remain here to help if I can.

I had forgotten about your tornado, but am glad the remodeling is finally over. No tornado, but we had remodeling of our kitchen done once. Six weeks turned into six months. Boy, was I sick of microwave dinners!

In the words of a very wise woman(my Debbie), "Breathe Brenda, Breathe".



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