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"Hi VG and Panel,

Went to the oncology doctor last Tuesday and my PSA has gone from 1.52 to 3.5. My testosterone total is still high at 1111 ng/dl. I am still on 5 mg of Finasteride and 50 mg of Bicalutmide. So I asked him to give me a injection of Trelstar ( less side effects than Lupron?) This is the path that Dr. Myers recommends with the triple hormonal blockade. Since my last tests in Nov. showed no metastases ( MRI pelvis w/wo contrast and PET bone scan whole body -sodium fluoride) the Dr. thinks i have " PSAitis" and can wait but he agreed to give me the injection.

I am trying to get a appointment with a Dr. at Dattoli for a second opinion and maybe another test.

It has been 10 years since my radical surgery, 6 years since my radiation therapy and 2 years 9 months since i started on Finasteride and Bicalutamide and so it is on to my next adventure with Trelstar.


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    Dr. thinks i have " PSAitis" and can wait !!!!!


    Welcome to the world of the castration. Trelstar will drive down that high testosterone (1,111 ng/dL) in your body to levels close to 30 ng/dL.
    I wonder your doctor’s meaning with that “PSAisis” terminology. I know of patients that even without the gland manage to have stable PSAs at higher levels. Maybe she thinks you are one of them because of the negative multi exam done last November with NaF PET plus MRI. However such cannot be a reason for waiting.
    You could be confronting micrometastases case which refers to several tiny colonies of cancer difficult to detect, but the PSA in November was very low (0.62 ng/ml) rendering the PET/MRI test unreliable. You could try this time before the Trelstar shot to have the C11 PET/CT exam because of your higher PSA (3.50 ng/ml) and reliability of the choline contrast agent.

    I hope you discuss with your doctor on the above and that later the LHRH agonist successfully punches down the bandit to remission.

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