Mets from Kidney to Lung-newly diag

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Hello. I had my left kidney removed Nov 2014 and had my first scans 2 weeks ago. CT showed multiple nodules bilaterally (lungs) consistent with metastatic neoplastic disease related to renal call carcinoma of left kidney. The largest nodule is 7-8mm and dr is talking Interleukin 2 treatment but wants another scan on May 18th. Any thoughts or similair stories? I am an RN and am more than confident of what it all means, but when its you, its hard to grasp. Im new to this site and appreciate any conversation. Thank you.


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    I read your post and am sorry

    I read your post and am sorry I don't have anything to contribute regarding the treatment choice.  All I can say is be aggressive in trying to beat this disease and make sure you feel your doctor is doing all he/she can to help you.  I lost my mom to the dreaded disease and I feel if she had sought out treatment at the Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic before it got totally out of control she may have had a different outcome.  They are #1 and #2 in the country for kidney cancer treatment and strongly urge you to consider going to one of those places to make sure you get the top notch care you deserve.  Years ago my husband had testicular cancer and we went to the Mayo Clinic.  He ended up having 3 rounds of chemo,  2 surgeries, and survived blood clots that burst into his lungs.  That was almost 20 years ago now and he's been doing great ever since.  Then 4 years ago my mom came down with cancer and went to one of the bigger hospitals here in Michigan but they weren't aggressive with her treatment and I tried getting her to go to one of the other two big hospitals because she also had kidney cancer with mets to her lungs and she refused.  Now for the past 2 years my dad has been batteling cancer and he also refuses to go to Cleveland or Mayo to see if they can help him.  Unfortunately he is losing his battle with cancer also.   The reason I tell you all this is because you need to be your own advocate and seek out the best possible treatment that will give you the best chance for a long healthy life.  Good luck to you and I hope you have a good outcome from this.  

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    me too


    L Kidney Neph. oct 2014 12cm Grade 4 RCC I have 2 nodules to my Right lung 6mm and 8mm....they have been monitored now for 3 months and have grown to that size from it rcc mets in lung surgeons many do you have...are your lymph nodes enlarged....have you talked about lung surgery before my case they consider a right lung lobectomy as the first and best i also have the right hilar lymph node enlarged, although this is not conclusive to rcc mets yet...maybe a biopsy for that very soon.....i would consider surgery a real option first if its poss.