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what's your diet?

Cucu me
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Joined: Apr 2015

Do you follow any special diets?

Any recomandation?


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Lou Ann M
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When I was recieving radiation the rad-onc strongly suggested a diet of white bread, white rice, no fresh veggies or fruit to help with diarhea from the radiation.  That and Imodium did keep it under control pretty good.  I asked if I could eat chocolate, and he smiled and said he didn't know why not.

Now I switch between two streams of thought. 1. eat as healthy as I can , whole grains , fresh fruit and veggies, some protien,   2.  eat what ever I am hungery far.  ( What will it do to me anyway?) I never have drank alcohol, coffee or tea. and I really don't crave sugary things and I have a milk allergy, so that eliminates a lot of things from my diet. Allergy or not a DQ Blizzard still hits the spot when nothing taste good.  

I do think that diet has to be an individual decision.. i know people that believe sssso stongly about this topic.  and everyone needs to do what they feel is best for them,  Me:  A big glass of cold Pepsi sure does taste good.  Lou Ann


Cucu me
Posts: 214
Joined: Apr 2015

You are right. It's personal.

As a new diagnosed I would try everything, that's why I asked  to see what is the others experience.

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diet is very individual and there are many schools of thought.  I have a naturopath oncologist wthin my team of dr's by my choice.  After my treatment was done i was having trouble with my lymph nodes showing enlarged on CT Scans.  So she had me give up Gluten and sure enough the next scan and everyone thereafter was fine.    I am now on a back to basics diet,  no processed, no sugar, (high fructose especially),  minimal fruit,  no gluten, no grains, organic when possible,  100% grass fed beef, minimal cows milk products, goats milk/sheeps milk, fermented veggies etc..  It is sort of like the paleo diet.  I do feel great and once i got used to eating this way i found i didn't have the cravings i used to.  Also interesting was that i used to be boarder line high suger and high blood pressue,  now the numbers are fantastic.


i do have a veggie smoothie once a day of organice spinach/Kale,  almond milk, organic giner, chia seeds and some org strawberries

if organic is expensive i was advised to at least try the dirty dozen, worst of pesticides.


hope this helps,  i am sure there are other ladies that follow other dietarty guidelines

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When I was first diagnosed, the whole subject of diet drove me nuts!  There are so many diets and they can contradict each other completely!!  Macrobiotic, ketogenic, paleo, plant based..yada, yada, yada!!  And I am diabetic to boot, so many things that are recommended for a lot of cancer diets (like whole grains and beans) are absolutely killers for my blood sugar.  So eventually I developed my own approach.  I avoid dairy, sugar, processed food, and most red meat.  My husband and I went cold turkey when I was diagnosed and went 100% organic.  We eat organic, cage free eggs, organic cage free chicken,  and wild caught fresh fish (salmon, cod, halibut mostly).  Occassionally we allow ourselves a grass fed steak because my husband makes the besst steak marinade anywhere on the planet.  But to give you an idea, we have had one steak since the beginning of the year so it is really rare.  We eat TONS of fresh vegetables, a little fresh fruit (remember, I am diabetic), and very few carbs like bread or pasta.  I do not have a gluten sensitivity but we try to go for gluten free as well.  We have found gluten free pastas that we like, and even gluten free pizza occasionally.  The only area of whole grain that I eat is bread which is only occasionally.  We do green smoothies a lot,  At first it was a lot of trouble, and I felt very worn down by it all, but it is very second nature now and over the course of the last year I've lost 50 pounds which has brought me into my "normal" weight range for the first time in over 20 years so I'm loving that!  Good luck.  Diet really does make a difference.  You want to strive to be as healthy as you can be.  - Helen

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