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Tightness in Hip and Thigh Area?

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Hi, 42 male with NHL diagnosis in Jan-2014 here. Mine started with a neck lump that was removed and later determined to be Stage 1 NHL. Subsequently I received radiation treatment. Over the past several months, I've noticed a chronic tightness in the front of my hips (around my beltline), thighs, and sometime groin area. It comes and goes and happens mainly after sitting for long periods. I don’t seem to notice it too much while standing. Upon self-examination, I can't feel anything, i.e. - enlarged nodes, and I've had it checked by multiple docs including 2 med oncs, my rad onc, PCP, and an ortho. I don't have any other symptoms that would indicate its lymphoma and otherwise feel good. My docs have run multiple blood and imaging tests and they all think it’s a musco-skeletal issue (i.e. – ortho sees some early signs of arthritis in the hip) combined with getting old. I'm in good shape and active for my age - healthy weight, run, play sports, chase my toddler around the house, etc. Unfortunately no one has been able to tell me exactly what's causing my hip / thigh issue and how to resolve it! As a survivor, I'm hyper vigilant about these things and I wanted to know if anyone else out there has had a similar experience? -CMC2014

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There are not a lot of nodes as far up as the beltline, and none that can be felf by touching the thighs (the pelvic region itself has lots of nodes, however).

If your oncologist has checked it and imaging says it is ok, then forget about it.  I have 18 long-bone fractures, four major surgeries, and two cancers.  Odd sensations and pains are part of getting older.  I broke my back at T9, and have two totally collapes disks, and I cannot begin to list the odd feelings I have from the chest down.

The doc says it is arthritis, so don't let it worry you again is my suggestion. "No one can tell you the exact cause of your hip pain?" Very likely, no one ever will.  My docs do not even attempt to locate my pains. E verything bad has been ruled out, so it is irrelevant.  Pain is part of life.


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Thanks Max. Appreciate the perspective!! -CMC

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