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Boston Marathon

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I just got back from running the Boston Marathon on Monday -- an amazing experience. It's been a little over 10 months from my partial neph that was done in May 2014. Although I fell short of my goal time I was only 3 minutes off qualifying to do it again next year. It was my 2nd marathon since the surgery and I finally feel back to my prior fitness level. It's been a long road back. But now it's back to the real world. Follow up scans are next week at Stanford. I know the odds are heavily in my favor for being NED since my tumor was less than 2cm but it's on my mind nonetheless.  

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Keep up the good work.




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Congratulations on your success with the marathon!! Wow, what an inspiration!



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Congratulations! What a great accomplishment so soon after surgery. Yes, to me it seems soon :) Also wishing you the best for your follow up scans and may you hear the word NED!

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I was afraid you were pushing your recovery too soon. I am glad you are fine. Boston is a good time. A buddy and me had parked at the finish and then had to hitch hike back to Hopkinton. I knew the route well and had predetermined my splits. But when I got to heartbreak hill, I made a cool mistake. I'd been doing my hill training and was prepared for the climb. But when I got there I thought, "This can't be it yet, it should be steeper." So I cruised right over it. That was fun. It was also over 20 years ago. Of all the things I've ever done, I rank having run marathons as the thing I'm most proud of.

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Fox, I did all my long runs during my training in the Sierra foothills so I thought I was ready for Heartbreak Hill and the other Newton hills but I had a much different experience than you.  It killed me.  I slowed way down for the last 5 miles. I didn't speed up again until I turned onto Bolyston Street and got my first view of the finish line.  That was an awesome moment. Never will forget it. Next time, if there ever is a next time, I'm going to do a lot more strength training because my body gave out a lot sooner than my cardio. 

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Many congrats to you! 

Youare awesome!



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And all I did was cut the grass yesterday

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I was recently diagnosed and reading this made me reframe my thoughts.  Not only just running the marathon is a huge accomplishment, but running it after your surgery, etc.  Thank you for sharing.  Congrats to you. 

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Thanks Laurie. Good luck in your tri's this summer. 

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